Neil here.

As an angel investor, there is nothing more important than deal flow.

Angels who do a good job cultivating and maintaining their deal flow don’t just get access to more opportunities… they also get to participate in better ones.

The importance of this can’t be overstated. Any experienced angel investor will tell you that deal flow is the #1 most critical factor that drives a portfolio’s overall returns.

But how can you measure successful deal flow? And what can you do to keep yours in tip-top shape?

Here are three things you can do right now to kick your deal flow up to high gear – and make better investments in the process:

  1. Get involved in the angel investor community
One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase deal flow is simply by networking with others.

Deal flow can come from just about anywhere, and one of the best places to find even more opportunities is by expanding your network.

You can do that in a lot of different ways. Search your local region for tech events (virtually, for now), attend demo days at startup incubators, and seek out lectures and discussions that will increase your industry knowledge.

I also suggest getting involved in a community of angel investors… and luckily, you’re already in one!

Dive into the forums and comments sections and really start making those lasting connections with your fellow angels…

Your deal flow will thank you for it.

  1. Be actively engaged on equity crowdfunding platforms.
Last year, there were over 6.4 million worldwide crowdfunding campaigns.

That’s means one thing… there’s plenty to explore!

You can gain serious deal momentum just by checking out the deals on one of the many equity crowdfunding platforms out there right now.

Many of these sites offer reports on their trending deals, where you can see what industries and companies are looking hot.

It’s also a great place to check out company pitch decks, deal terms, and any other information that’s important for making an informed decision.

Whether you choose to invest in a company or not is your choice… but always make sure you do your proper due diligence and avoid investing anything until you’re 100% comfortable.

  1. Ride the coattails of industry experts.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. The number one way you can find success as an angel investor is to follow in the footsteps of expert investors who’ve already struck gold.

And right now, there’s really no expert investor quite like my friend and colleague David Weisburd.

He’s one of the country’s most prolific venture capitalists who’s invested in some of the world’s biggest companies: DraftKings, Spotify, Palantir, Wish, and more.

David has a 95% success rate… something that’s practically unheard of in the startup world.

And today, he’s inviting you straight into a dealroom analysis meeting to share the details on not one, but SIX different companies with serious unicorn potential within the next few years.

David sourced these deals directly from his lineup of high-quality opportunities that come straight from the independent research team. These deal recommendations are normally reserved only for the venture capital elite of the world.

He’s investing his own money into every company in the lineup… and now, you’ll have a chance to see how to invest right alongside him.

Just click here to enter the dealroom analysis meeting and learn more about this opportunity. The doors on these deals won’t be open for much longer, and you don’t want to miss what David has to say.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and I’ll be back soon with another update!

Until next time,

Neil Patel