Network Codes of Conduct

1. Keep it positive!

While we welcome open discussion and differing opinions, disparaging remarks in any form will not be tolerated. Let’s keep in mind that Neil and the Founders are people too, many of whom are very active on this forum! You are far more likely to have your questions/concerns addressed if they are posed in a respectful and constructive way. This goes for your fellow members as well. A good rule of thumb is “Would I say this to this person in real life?” If the answer is no, reconsider.

2. Let’s stay on topic!

Currently, this forum is only for discussion of Angels and Entrepreneurs products, and general angel investing. Posts about investment services/products outside of the A&E franchise will be considered promotion of a competitor and removed. (i.e. discussion about crowdfunding platforms-totally fine! Discussion about a different trading service-not fine)

3. No personalized investment advice

While we definitely encourage networking on the forum, remember that any investments/partnerships you make through connections here are between you and that company! If you meet an entrepreneur here and want to support their cause, that’s great! Neil gives you the tools to be able to vette your own deals, but he cannot give you personalized advice on which companies to invest your money into. Its prohibited by the SEC and illegal. Comments asking for personalized advice from Neil will not be approved.

4. Before you create a new topic

Browse through the forum and see if there is already a conversation happening around what you want to post. Feel free to join in on a conversation and make a friend! Repetitive/redundant topics will be merged into an existing thread or not approved.

5. Patience

Please be patient with us. We moderate every comment to ensure that this is a safe community for everyone!

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