The Startup Investor | December 2, 2021

5 Ways Our Food Is Going High-Tech

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  • The Startup Investor | September 14, 2021

    This $100 Deal Is Partnered with NASA to Make Space Travel Safer

    Not too long ago, space travel was a fantasy reserved for sci-fi novels and the Jetsons. But with billionaires and celebrities planning their trips to orbit, we’re at the precipice of a new era of space tourism. We know it’ll get more affordable – but how do we make it safer? With just $100, you can invest in a startup that’s partnered with NASA to do just that.
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  • The Startup Investor | September 10, 2021

    Robinhood’s Main Moneymaking Strategy Is Why I’ll Always Choose Startup Investing First

    Neil here. I really hate secrets – especially secrets designed to build walls between you and the institutional investors at the top. Far too often, I’ve found that powerful institutions create systems built on secrets that keep wealth away from the people who deserve it the most. One of them – which I’ll talk about today – has been in the news quite a bit lately… And I’m not the only person who thinks it’s wrong. Here’s the scoop.
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  • The Startup Investor | September 9, 2021

    I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Meet This Person Sooner

    When I first started investing, I quickly learned that the angel investor landscape wasn’t built for people like me and you… people who weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths. I’ve made it my mission to change that here, and we’ve achieved a lot in the last two years. But there’s still plenty of work to be done… And I just met a contact who can help us get there (you may already know him).
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  • The Startup Investor | September 7, 2021

    Raising Now: 9,900%+ Growth Potential, $100 Buy-in, and Blockchain’s Next Big Thing

    Let’s be honest about blockchain for a second. We know it’s important, but have yet to understand its full impact. If you ask most people to explain it to you, they probably wouldn’t know what to say. Blockchain is confusing… but it’s more important than ever before, and that’s why this startup caught my eye.
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  • The Startup Investor | September 2, 2021

    Add This Contact to Your Investing Team (and Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game)

    Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Mark Sebastian, a bona fide expert in the public markets. While he’s not a startup investor, he and I have a lot in common. We’ve both made it to the top tier of our respective investing communities. For me, it’s angel investing. For him, it’s Wall Street trading. And he’s a name you need in your investing network right away.
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