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This Just Blew the Doors Wide Open for A.I.

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  • The Startup Investor | October 13, 2021

    This $100 Deal is Fighting Misinformation Online

    Facebook has been under heavy fire this week after the whistleblower who revealed the results of a damaging study stepped forward.

    Frances Haugen, a former staffer at Facebook, accused the company of prioritizing “profits over people,” leaning on the recent discovery that Instagram – which Facebook owns – inflicts serious harm on teenage girls.

    Let’s be real here: ranking profits over people isn’t particularly shocking for a corporation that’s worth over $900 billion.

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  • The Startup Investor | September 25, 2021

    $100 Minimum and a Revenue Share Deal: This Cannabis Startup Is Raising Now

    The cannabis industry is expected to hit $97.35 billion by just 2026. That means that the startups raising today could be the industry’s top dogs in just five years. And a market this massive is one that definitely warrants your attention. Here’s the scoop on one $100 minimum cannabis investment that’s still accepting angels today…
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  • The Startup Investor | September 23, 2021

    The #1 Reason We Will Never Fall For a Theranos

    Elizabeth Holmes faces 10 counts of fraud in a trial that’s just getting started. Investors in Theranos were duped – but that won’t happen to you, because our #1 rule is to back the jockey, not the horse. Here are 3 startups with real rockstars at the helm.
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  • The Startup Investor | September 21, 2021

    This Startup Is Tesla’s Worst Nightmare… And It Just Made Electric Vehicle History

    Elon Musk is having a weird month. Around the same time SpaceX launched its first all-civilian crew, Tesla took a hard hit from what could be the world’s next greatest electric vehicle powerhouse. And this startup just filed to go public in an offering expected to be greater than Tesla’s ever was just 11 years ago. Here’s the scoop.
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  • The Startup Investor | September 16, 2021

    Elon Did It Again… Here’s Your #1 Takeaway

    Neil here. I feel a bit like a broken record saying this again, but last night, Elon Musk changed the course of history forever. It’s been nearly two decades since SpaceX’s founding – and given its global reach today, it’s easy to forget that the startup’s earliest days were met with mockery…
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