The Startup Investor | May 17, 2022

This Potential Unicorn Hit $5+ Million in 2021 Gross Revenue

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  • The Startup Investor | February 23, 2022

    You Can Take My “Underdog” Investing Secret to the Bank!

    Hello, Daymond John here. You’ve probably watched me, many times on TV, use this investing secret when picking the entrepreneurs, I deem worthy of my money. If you want to find an entrepreneur who has what it takes to succeed – identify an underdog with a “chip on their shoulder.” This is how you could earn generational wealth as an angel investor. Click here to find out.

  • The Startup Investor | February 19, 2022

    How Startups Defend Their Business and Put Cash in Your Pocket

    One of the biggest determinants of a startup’s long-term viability is its ability to protect itself from competition. In this piece, Buck Jordan breaks down four of the most important competitive advantages for angel investors to look for when considering a startup.

  • The Startup Investor | February 17, 2022

    Pitch Company #8: Joule Case

    In the world’s race to curb carbon emissions and combat global warming, there has been progress.

    However, in some industries, that progress is more marginal than substantial.

    While 43% of backup generators are now powered by natural gas – the largest segment in the industry – natural gas still only curbs carbon emissions at 30% the rate of diesel. While this is an improvement, it is still just the lesser of two evils.

  • The Startup Investor | February 16, 2022

    A Stock Market Slump Won’t Keep Me from This Sector

    Neil here. Despite confidence in the public markets wavering, I still feel strongly about the future of this sector. With more than $20 billion of private investment in 2021, great opportunities await us. Find out here.

  • The Startup Investor | February 15, 2022

    “Let’s Make History. Help Me Discover ‘the Next’ Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison.”

    While founders like Jobs and Gates receive the lion’s share of credit for their once-upon-a-time startup’s ascent to dominance, unsung heroes deserve far more attention than they receive. In Daymond John’s pursuit of finding the next great startup success story, he explains how you can earn this title.