Virtual Chapter Meetup!

244 people attended

Virtual Chapter Meetup with Your Fellow Founding Members

Location: Online!

Log into an online video meetup, and discuss angel investing topics with your fellow members! As busy entrepreneurs and investors, making it to an in-person meeting can be tough. That’s why your fellow founding members plan to start hosting virtual meetups to chat about Angels & Entrepreneurs and share information. The link will be emailed and posted on this page to register for this meeting with Zoom. Zoom will immediately send you a confirmation email, which will contain the link to join the meeting directly (click this around 2pm the day of) 😎.

Virtual meets are generally held the third Monday of every month. However, this month our coordinator will be traveling during that time, so we will have to hold it slightly later. Once we have the best date and time for his schedule, we will be sure to update the page here with the details. Thank you for your patience!

Click here to view a recording of the first meet!

The above link will take you to a recording of the first virtual chapter meet. This was recorded using our company zoom, which is in our Managing Director Jess’ name, moderated by @CHooper3 and hosted by Scott Hinkle and David Ruthstrom. The members had some great discussions about the service and angel investing. Overall 40 members came in and participated/listened, and since Neil was in town, he popped in to say hi! Check out an appearance by Neil at the 49min mark. He shares some great information!

Virtual Meets are recorded and will be posted on this page for later viewing. Click Here if you would like to view the Terms and Conditions.