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    Altagracia Vasquez

    Hello! I have important questions. I am investing my money for many good reasons including taking care of my family. Before 5 or 10 yrs+ when thee angel investor could receive a monetary return, what would happen to the shares or money if the angel investor passed on? Could those shares be given to a family member(s)/friend? How?
    Thanks for your time! Hope you all have much success and a great day!

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      • Claudia

        Hello all – in what I know about this question – I just found out someone I know has many investments – and she created an LLC – example as in my name – DiDona Investments LLC – for her whole family to invest. She is the principal and manages all the investments, any money taken out, decisions made for the family. Now as the children are adults they meet and discuss the investments and what to do next, etc. It’s a fantastic idea which protects all the children going forward. I will be doing this at some point.

      • Big John

        They’re like any other asset. They can be left to someone in your will, but that would require going through probate after you pass – that’s slow and expensive.
        The better alternative is to have a Living Trust, and transfer the ownership of your shares to the trust. Setting up the trust could cost $2000 or so, but it could save your heirs tens of thousands. Talk to an attorney who specializes in trusts for more details.

      • Thomas Pugh


        I have been wondering how that would work as well. Altagracia , I am glad you have brought that up. That is a great question. I’m looking forward to that being answered.


      • Tee

        We all my need to look into estate planning.

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