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    Any idea on the new venture planning a cannabis resort on the Las Vegas strip worth business over $ 2.4 billion . Neil needs to look into this cause I can’t figure out who

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      • WealthyOne

        I want to invest in the Las Vegas strip.start up and cant find where to go or even a straight answer. Everything I click on requires me to watch a video and pay more money to elite VIP status after I’ve already paid 500 for lifetime status. Now I’ve had to pay same amount 2 more times when I could have used that money to invest. I’m lost, frustrated.and wondering if this program is real. I simply want to invest in the Las vegas strip cannabis deal. But after reading it looks like you have to pay 1950.00 to get access. Why are we paying for everything we view when you should tell people upfront you.will have to pay for a ton of other people’s videos to get involved. I’m saddened.


      • NANCY

        I am very interested but unfortunately don’t have the capital right now to venture in that direction. The opportunity sounds absolutely amazing, though.

      • Poetic

        I’m very interested in investing in this start up. Where do I find it? How do I proceed! Assistance finding it will be greatly appreciated.


      • bluegreen

        I saw this too & am very interested in investing.
        Please Neil, help us out here!

      • Sarah

        Hi there,

        Thank you for reaching out!

        In order to get the company information, you’ll need to join the National Institute for Cannabis Investors. You can use this link to join: https://pro.nicinvestorsinfo.com/p/CVSQC2/ECVSW6GL/?fbclid=IwAR2BFajm3puMagKHAJ4zVS33xtA-zJmPkkF9aG-6lvvJsv4Si_ZXdvXMI04



        • Dawn Gant

          Thanks Sara I have invested in start up should be final today.  I feel totally lost out here. Where is all the help at? 

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