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    Hello Folks, I just heard that CHRGR is reopened for investment. I was told to go to “Angles Action Plan” but I am having a tough time finding it. Can someone help me and lead me to a right direction?
    Thank you,

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      • JustinDM

        As a point of note, in researching other potential Startups, I came across a potential competitor for CHRGR, the company is called HOPLITE POWER, their business plan is nearly identical to that of CHRGR, curious if anyone else has seen this company? Obviously the business gap is there, but I’d like to understand if either company has a patent or who has a stronger holder on the market.


      • Linda

        Hi Linda here, I went to Republic and I was put on wait list for CHRGR!

      • Edchris

        Thank you everyone! I really appreciate all the help I’ve received.

      • Jay Wahr


        Go to https://angelsandentrepreneurs.com/deals/637, on the left hand side click “Angel Action Plan” and it takes you step-by-step on how to invest.

      • Marnie

        Hi EdChris,

        1. On the Deal Flow, click CHRGR.
        2. On the left side of your screen, you will see the following:
        What’s New
        Deep Dive
        Neil’s Take
        Deal Forum
        Market Overview
        Angel Action Plan

        I hope this helps. Happy Angels’ Investing!

      • Wrong Way

        You click on Deal Flow at the top of this page. Read the information put together by Neil and his team. Somewhere the action plan states who the crowdfunding site is. In the case of CHRGR that would be Republic.co. You fork over some money to them.

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