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    Big John

    I know when Angels & Entrepreneurs first got rolling, quite a few people were upset that there were no deals with $50 minimum investments. Many felt that Neil had deceived them, promising $50 investments, but not delivering them.

    I pointed out that the minimums were set by each company and not by A&E. And I posted links to past deals on various portals with minimum investments of $5-, $30, and even $20. I told people they just needed to be patient and wait for such deals to show up.

    I started this thread as a place for A&E members to point out deals to each other which have low minimum investments (for those who have limited investment budgets). Nothing here should be taken as advising investment in a particular startup, just pointing them out for folks to check into them. I would suggest that ONLY deals with minimums WELL BELOW $100 should be posted here (e.g. NOT a $99 minimum).

    To get things started, I will be posting very shortly about a deal that probably has THE LOWEST minimum investment you will ever see in an online offering. STAY TUNED!

    ~ Big John ~

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      • Joy

        Hi, Big John – Do you have a low minimum investment that’s currently open? Many thanks, Joy

      • Joy

        Hi, John – Have you got a low minimum investment currently? Zelgor got away from me since it closed back in June; and here we are at August’s doorstep. Mny thanks, Joy

      • Joy

        Hi, John – Do you have a low minimum investment that’s currently open? Many thanks, Joy

      • LP

        H, I want to know how you make money NOW! So tell me ok.

      • Anush

        What I need to understand is if I invest $200 in Zelgor, what would that look like as an investment for me?
        I know we can’t predict the future but potentially what am I looking at.
        As you can tell I am new at this!

      • Big John

        Thanks, @richard-batts.
        Let us know what you think of the game.

        • Cherry Creek

          Just joined A&E.  I didn’t see your post recommendation. Just now learning to navigate around.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

      • Flann

        Another site that is going to sell/share your info and no place to opt out of this. Look at the privacy policy, BEWARE.

      • Senturius

        Thanks for sharing!

      • James

        Doesn’t seem too risky. Worst case you lose a couple bucks. Thank you for the tip!

      • Richard J Olivieri

        Thank you, I appreciate you taking time out to explain…Rich

      • Big John

        Ok, folks –
        I promised to let you know about a deal with a very LOW minimum investment. How would a $25 minimum sound? How about a $10 minimum?

        Well the startup I’m talking about effectively has no minimum investment at all. You can purchase as little as a SINGLE SHARE of their stock. And the share price is less than $1. Hold on a second, though. A low share price doesn’t mean it’s a bargain. What is the valuation on this company? Well, that’s $4.2 million – lower than a lot of company valuations you’ll see as an angel investor. The valuation is critically important, because growing from 4.2M to 100M is a whole lot better (and more profitable) than growing from 20M to 100M. You never want to invest if the valuation is too high relative to the company and their potential.

        But a low minimum, a low share price, and a low valuation still mean NOTHING if the company doesn’t have the potential to grow (and grow a lot). You’re going to have to do your own due diligence here. Analyze the company, the product, the team. Decide for yourself if you think they have what it takes. Then make your own investment decision. I wouldn’t mention this deal if I didn’t think they had at least SOME possibility of success. Yes, I think the company has some potential. But potential doesn’t always reach fruition. Nobody can see the future. I’M NOT making any sort of endorsement of the company here. I simply want to make everyone aware of this deal.

        If you like this company, it would be silly to actually buy just ONE share – you would severely limit your profit potential. But if $100 minimums are cramping your style, here’s a chance for you to invest $50, $25, $10 – whatever seems comfortable for you.

        So, enough with the suspense. What is this deal? It’s a new video game company named Zelgor. https://netcapital.com/companies/zelgor This is not a game company for hard-core gamers. This is a company making games for the “casual gamer” – someone who wants to be entertained on their phone for a while. But with a game that is engaging – something you can play for just a few minutes at a time, but that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

        Actually, as it turns out, this MIGHT appeal to heavy duty gamers as well. The games are full of inside jokes from their gamer world. The characters are called the “Noobs”, they use weapons called “Noob Tubes”, and their leader is “Major Noob” – these are all jokes from the gamer world and major video games like Call of Duty.

        And what better time to launch games? We’re all cooped up at home for who knows how long. We need some way to keep entertained. Will Zelgor and their Noobs be a mega-hit or a total flop? Who knows. But I think you should check them out. Check out the cute “Noob” characters they’ve come up with. These characters have licensing potential for toys and other merchandise to supplement the company’s game income. Zelgor hopes to build a whole series of games involving these “Noob” characters. Having been a video game designer myself in the past, I see the advisors Zelgor has – some heavy-hitters from the video game world like Nolan Bushnell, & Michael Dornbrook. I think this just might be a winning deal. What do you think? I’d like to hear back from you. But move quickly – this closes in just 2 weeks.

        ~ Big John ~


        • Antwan

          Thank you for sharing the information, I’m definitely going to do my research and determine what movies I might want to make.

        • Ms Powell

          Thanks for sharing…..
          Deadline to invest in this is June 5. 2020

        • R.D. Price

          Thanks for the tip.  I downloaded and played the games.  I’m definitely a Noob.  I have since corresponded with John F. and I do plan to invest in Zelgor.  
          Thanks again. 

        • Richard Batts

          Mobile gaming, in my opinion, is a no brainer if the game turns out to be a hit! It’s unlimited revenue with in app purchases. I invested $500 just now and signed up to be a beta tester. Being a gamer myself, I will keep you posted on whether I feel the games are a hit or miss.

      • OrganicProsperity!

        We appreciate the clarification…

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