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    I’m sure we have a ton of entrepreneurs on this site at any given point in time! Here’s a central appreciation thread where you can post a little about yourself and your business. Growing up, my mom owned a small tech/IT business, so I’ve seen how much work and dedication it takes to create and run your own venture. Our team (and I’m sure the other members) would love to read about your background and what you do. Plus, you never know who may read about your business and take an interest 😉

    **I may merge some previous topics into this one, but if you have made a topic about your business already, feel free to share it with everyone here as well!**

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      • Oscar

        Hello, my name is Oscar and I regret wasting my time and money on this scam.

      • Sue Page

        Hi, my name is Sue Page I’m new here but I am an entrepreneur. My companies names are S. Page Surmount Services which is where I provide a platform for those who want to get into action therfore I turned a book I was writing into a series called Surmount’s Visions which can be found on youtube and a number of other platforms and I recently started Surmount’s shoes which is a part of S. Page Surmount Services. I’m in hope to have people visit my company and purchase Limited Edition shoes whether you are a Sneakerhead or just someone who is into shoes. I really want my shoe company to be well know and successful so that I may leave behind a legacy for my grandchildren. You can visit Surmount’s at https://surmounts.limitededition.shoes

      • Michael D. Lam

        Hey all, I’m a finance professional for startups in Portland, OR. My specialty is on all efforts that grow the business and guiding leadership to make the most impactful decisions. This can range any where from financial, business, marketing, sales or data analysis. For my day job, I’ve been working for a tech unicorn. For my side hustle, I’ve been doing what I do but on a smaller scale for startups going to market. I’m open to connecting with more investors, founders, and other business professionals. Look me up on LinkedIn.

      • Malakhi

        Hello , I’m Malakhi really excited about this new adventure I’m embarking on … I’ve read some reviews of members who are elite individuals in every field of the world . With that being said I’m glad to be a member among future millionaires..

      • Aunt Peggy

        I joined in September. I am a retired widow in my 70s who has always wanted to be an entrepreneur but didn’t know where to begin. Being on the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network has given me so much information about being an investor and although I can only invest $2200 a year, I have found many projects that I feel are worth my money. Although I can’t get in on the constant deluge of get rich quick offers being sent to me by Neil and people with his wealth, I am a proud member of this network and feel after 2 years I will have a portfolio that I can be more comfortable with in retirement. Who knows, maybe I will even find a Unicorn.

      • Kathy

        Hi all herer is a bit about me from my linkedin account….
        Outstanding Sales and Presentation Skills

        In Person
        Over the phone
        Dynamic Trainer
        Student of life
        Marketing genius
        “Life rewards action”

        Thank for reading, What people say about me…

        Edward Bols Digital Marketing Specialist at Propel Marketing

        I will never forget the day John came in for his interview. He light up 7 managers and everyone wanted him on his team. He is great in discovering client’s needs and making strong recommendations to assist business owners in achieving their goals.

        He has great ideas and can develop and deploy strategies to get the job done. If you are looking for a high energy, hard hitter to get a project done, this is the guy.

        Great to call you my friend Johnny O.
        Edward M. Bols Jr. Edward managed John

        Fly over…of one of my favorite places I was privileged to work for and the people I got to know!

        I helped to grow a small Apple and HP computer retailer sales from $35,000 dollars a month to over $1.2 million a month, in 3 short years. This was accomplished by establishing Wolf Computer of Los Gatos first as a major computer VAR retailer. Creating strategic advertising campaigns that included local radio,TV and print.

        Instrumental in developing the San Francisco Bay Area Region Outside Apple Computer Educational Department. From initial contact to closing bids in excess of $2,000,000 per year.

        Consistently lead a team of sales people to achieving over 130% of quota.Assited in establishing Wolf Computer as a leading Apple and HP educational dealer.

        I held large educational seminars to hundreds of prospective high level executives to major corporations including. WebEx, Google, Electronic Arts, CISCO Systems and many more.
        We also became CISCO Certified Engineers. It was a wild ride! My personal thanks to Tom and Don Wolf for helping me make it happen!

      • Malcolm Phifer

        My Interests: collecting Sci/Fi and Fantasy books (1st Ed/1st Printings) and getting them signed by the cover artists and authors. My twin brother was nicknamed “The Collector” because of his extensive collection of signed non-sports trading cards. Over 40,000 all different and each one signed by the artist who did the card. He passed away Sep 24th 2019. He also had a large collection of signed uncut card sheets, limited edition prints and lithographs, and original art.
        I also collect sports art, original paintings and limited edition prints and lithographs. I the mail them out, or take them to conventions and appearances by the athlete pictured to get them signed.
        We produced 2 coffee table sized limited edition fantasy art books in a series titled “The Fantasy Illustration Library.” Vol One had a theme of “Lands and Legends.” Over 100 artists from around the world selected a subject that fit the theme (any creature, being or place from Myth or Legend any where in the world) and they created an original piece of art. The restrictions were: 1) Do not do color over line (cartoon or comic book art), 2) Do not do Cut and Paste art, 3) have fun. Vol Two had a theme of “Gods and Goddesses.” Again 100 artists chose a subject from the theme and created a quality piece of original art. You may view Vol One on our website: http://www.michaelpublishing.net. The books are designed to be heirloom collectibles.

      • Dpamin21

        Hi my name is Dinna. I have been a banker for the most part of my professional life. I specialize in small business lending. I have worked with both small and big community and commercial banks. I am happy to be part of the A&E network.

        • Malakhi

          Hi I’m Malakhi that’s a exceptional background I’m glad I joined as well I do real estate on my end

      • Joe

        Hi my name is Joe Jezior. Last year, I sold a hosting and SaaS company. A few years prior, I helped found, develop and sell a software and services reseller. They sold my other company’s hosting services as well. During the process, I helped the software vendor create their partner program. Prior to that I spent 13 years at Deltek software, working with Department of Defense contractors. I established the implementation and consulting methodology. Now I am an independent consultant helping small businesses – those just getting started, those looking for funding and those looking to retire. My focus is on making the businesses more profitable, efficient and defining their market. All my work is before the outside investors come in, I help to increase company value. Happy to help in anyway I can. Please let me know if I can help.

      • 18wheelsrolln

        My name is Roland Richardson, I own a small trucking fleet. I started out with my first truck hauling produce and foods across the nation. This past Christmas the rates dropped and forced me into frac sand for natural gas and oil wells. Since then I have been able to grow to a fleet of three and looking to expand more. With this network I can see potential to expand beyond the trucking industry.

      • Connie B

        Hi, my name is Connie. I’m 62 years old and a member of a VIP network marketing travel club, where discount prices for hotels, car rentals, cruises and resorts are my #1 priority. It’s a step to becoming financially free, while leaving a legacy for your family. I’m excited to be a part of this organization.

      • Ethan Tendler

        Hi, my name is Ethan Tendler. I’m 22 years old and run a promotional products business in Las Vegas called Swag Pros. Some of our biggest customers are Intel, Yahoo, Zumba Fitness, Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury, Paul Mitchell, and many other Fortune companies. We handle product sourcing, receiving, production, artwork management/manipulation, warehousing, fulfillment, drop shipping, and more. I’d love to become your swag vendor too and show you what we’re capable of!

      • Gwell

        I started my own company in 2004, a small IT company in Huntsville, AL. Started off providing IT services to small local businesses. In 2008 I started supporting a missile defense company and have supported them as they have grown into a 350 person company. I have one part time employee who helps me with them. I’ve taken on projects on the side, the latest being setting up one of the largest video conference rooms in Huntsville for a US MDA customer, UAE Air Force.

        I also have had an habit of buying domains over the years. I’ve had some good ones that I’ve sold for way to cheap and I have some good ones I want to start development on. Currently most my time is taken up with cybersecurity and positioning my customer to be compliant with DoD rules for contractors which include NIST 800-171 and CMMC standards. I really would prefer to play with the websites I want to create but got to go with what pays the bills.

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