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    Hi Angels,

    I run into a lot of stories about entrepreneurs around the world who are making a difference in their community or have a cool idea. I figured this would be a great place to share those articles, and hope some of you will enjoy reading them as well! I’ll start posting one or two of these a week, and would love to read your thoughts on them.

    Please share cool articles/stories which you come across as well! 🙂

    First up:

    “Meet The Woman Behind the Whiskey Brand Honoring The Slave Who Helped Jack Daniels” by DeAnna Taylor for Travel Noire: http://legacy.travelnoire.com/woman-whiskey-honoring-jack-daniels/?fbclid=IwAR1sinQOyridDJbgZK6iK_Y5R_MNYyNxhH1LcanNsPhgwh53JmzWTVC56Mo

    ^^^^I read this cool article about Fawn Weaver, the woman who started a new whiskey brand called “Uncle Nearest”. Her brand honors Nathan “Nearest” Green; a former slave who actually taught distilling techniques to Jack Daniel, and helped develop the “Lincoln County Process” which is necessary to be categorized as a Tennessee Whiskey. She even created a non-profit to provide college scholarships for his descendants! How awesome is that!

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      • Izzy27izzy

        This might be a stupid question but how exactly do you invest in a startup. Like how do i give them money and receive shares into it.

      • John R

        I always had trouble getting information.

        I hired a Startup Analysis, Helen Ruan SABR, to assist my investments.

        casolutions888a@gmail.com She breaks down everything you need to know!


      • Nick

        Got one you might want to look at Neil. Veteran Husband and Wife starting a health and wellness organization. It’s on republic, the company is called Natural Selection.
        2.5 mil in revenue since 2017 with just a single location
        with a 40% year over year growth and a 50+% customer return rate.

      • CHooper3

        Sharing this here because I find this to be an awesome yet somewhat terrifying concept 😂 Drone Delivery Startup Manna Boosts Seed Funding Ahead of Launch in Ireland

        They seem to be making some good headway. I know Amazon is supposed to be developing a drone delivery network here in the US. I wonder how Manna will fare as competition for such behemoth company. Here at least, Amazon does not deliver restaurant food, just groceries, so maybe this is a sector Manna can take over if they grow fast enough

      • Robert

        How or is this there a way we can invest in Duolingo as a startup? Or is it a part of the investment in Alphabet on stock exchange only?

        • CHooper3

          Hi Robert,

          It’s just a little bit late for us to get in on Duolingo as solo investors. They have reached very late stage funding rounds, and just collected a $30M investment from a major VC firm and reached over a $1B valuation. They are even considering the idea of an IPO within the next year or two. Neil recommends to get in on very early stage startups, where the cost to invest can be lower, your money is worth more, and we can see an acquisition happen in subsequent funding rounds.

          Personally, I’ll be looking for that stock when they go public though…I’ve been using Duo for years to knock the rust off my Spanish when I need it 😂

        • De Angelis

          Had 3 years of Spanish in college and was looking to review the language. I found this platform to be almost worthless!!

      • Dean R.

        Been hearing about this company. Entrepreneur aims to be the Starbucks of the Tea Industry!!! Goal to open 500 franchises in the next 5 yrs and soon to list on the NYSE.

        • YaHuWaH

          open one up in the city Fort Wayne, Indiana  make me the a executive

        • 1N$AN3.MA5H1N3

          so, i read up on black momma teas. i am very interested in getting in soon. where do i look?
          can you steer me in the right direction?

        • Kevin B

          Black momma tea and cafe fundraise closed earlier this month. They impressively raised the maximum twice. The last I read they will now be doing a regulation D offering with a 50k minimum

        • Kevin B

          I like the spirit of the founder of this deal and do hope that her company does well. However, I’ve passed on her first two raises. There are a number of reasons I passed. Here are some of the reasons I ended up passing:

          1. Her valuation is very high. She would need to open at least 20 stores to reach that valuation. Didn’t want to pay for the time for her to do that in advance as an investor.

          2. Her initial raise a year ago was to open 2 stores and she still hasn’t opened the first store. Though, I’m sure she’s closer now to opening the first store.

          3. Other Publicly traded Tea Based Companies like David’s Tea has declining market share over the last few years. Even David’s Tea doesn’t have 500 stores

          4. I feel her first store footprint is too large. It has a conference room in it. It basically takes up 2 store spaces in a strip mall.

          5. She intends to sell alcohol in a tea store.

          I do hope she proves me wrong and her model will be new refreshing and proves me wrong. I’d also like to visit her first store once she opens.

          Anyway, I ended up going with Vegan Fine Foods. The CEO has a reasonable valuation and has already created a successful model or proof of concept store that he will turn into franchises.

      • Helomech

        hello just looking around figuring out what I like.

      • Neil Patel

        Hey investors,

        This one is exciting. All about how Duolingo just hit unicorn status…you never know what can happen! https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/12/03/google-funded-duolingo-first-1-billion-start-up-from-pittsburgh.html

        What kind of startup news has everyone been reading?

        • xsiz_xenjin

          Hi @neil-patel – yes, same as @tanya-petrova, @gilbert-c-requejo – it would absolutely be awesome to learn how to get in to Duolingo? so I am tuned in for that.

          I also wanted to inquiry your thoughts on Soar Robotics https://republic.co/soar-robotics# I am interested to know if you evaluated them or not and your early thoughts say in September, Nov to December. I am finding them extremely interesting especially for the market they are in, as well as the product and the types of services they provide. They are already generating revenue and they have projected that they are estimating around 1M next year. The interests for seed funding investment also seems increased for the last several weeks, to month since I first reviewed.

        • Gilbert C Requejo

          Awesome to know, I like the fact Augmented similarities , Not sure how to use the forum yet. I’m learning.

        • REM

          Hey Neil, I absolutely love Duolingo! Any chance to invest with them?

      • Carol Constantine

        Thank you Mr. C Hooper3 for your input. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your whiskey artical. I will be looking for some more of your information. Thank you. Carol

      • CHooper3

        Here’s another one I thought was cool:

        “At 27, Ankiti Bose is set to Become the First Indian Woman to Found a Billion Dollar Startup. This is How She Did It” By Hong Xinyi for Hong Kong Tatler: https://hk.asiatatler.com/society/ankiti-bose-zilingo

        From the article: ‘There were some naysayers…In Zilingo’s early days, “there was a very senior guy in the tech industry, who told me he would never invest in my company”, she remembers. “But I want to thank him, because I used that as fuel to keep building this company.”’

      • Jean

        Hello CM,

        I remember hearing about Mr. Nathan “Uncle Nearest” Green in the news many months ago, but I didn’t know about Mrs. Weaver until today. This is a perfect example of an entrepreneurship combined with a higher purpose. Thank you very much! I’ll keep my eyes open for more uplifting and informative articles like this one in the near future.



        • ROBERT CREEK

          Uncle Nearest very good

        • #172003

          Uncle Nearest is a very good whiskey. It’s hard to find.

        • CHooper3

          Same! I had no idea about this whiskey or foundation. I’ll be ordering a bottle haha (purely to show support, of course)

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