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    Rik Moore

    Hi everyone – I came across this opportunity on StartEngine that looks interesting and promising:


    LaneAxis is looking to disrupt the trucking industry by using their patented technology to disrupt the freight trucking industry with. There are currently offering shares of common stock for $0.41/share at an $8 million pre-money valuation, and if you purchase in the next 3 days, you can get an additional 25% on top of your investment for free.

    Just thought I would share in case anyone wanted to take advantage of the really awesome bonus shares!

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      • LALGULAB12

        As I mentioned before non accredited investors can only invest in a few deals as they will run out of their limits for the year so it’s pointless for Neil to throw out a huge number of deals

      • Jeff

        I regret joining A&E altogether. I feel as though they toss us the crumbs that might pay off eventually. But if you want the deals that are actually good opportunities, you have to pay even more to be in Neil’s “private deal flow”.
        If you watched his latest video to get you to join, I’ll save you $1400. Dr. Doug is Douglas Unis Founder, Monogram Orthopaedics. The minimum investment is $1000, at $4/share. You can invest at SeedInvest.com

        • Kevin B

          Jeff and Beemer,

          You’ll get 24 deal suggestion in a year which isn’t bad. Don’t worry about the old ones that have already closed. Look towards the future.

        • beemer

          i have only been here 3 days, and i have to agree with you.most deals i have looked at, have already stopped, because they have reached there goal. so what am i paying for? like you said, if you want to get the better deals, you have to pay a lot more money. i realize they do a lot of work for you, to bring these deals to your attention, but lets stop with all the marketing, to upgrade to this, that, and the other. may be time for a refund, sorry to say.

      • MCR

        Thanks Rik, for the info appreciate it!

      • Tim24

        Hi Rik,

        I agree with you. I invested in Lane Axis and got the 20% bonus shares. This will be a huge disruptive company in the trucking space. Looking forward to this becoming a Unicorn.

        Tim Cronin

        • G

          I agree, I also invested in Lane Axis and received the bonus shares.

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