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    In signing up for this program I listen and heard that there would be 3 startups sent to us each month. July I did receive 3, August there was 1, and not in September there has been none. Beginning to wonder is joining this was just to get my money.

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      • Rodrigo

        Hello, I’m a new investor here and excited for the possibilities. i was wondering if there is any recommendation if I have $500/mo to invest if there is a better strategy to invest in 5 deals @$100 or one at $500 per month. is there a place I can look for such strategies?

        And thank you niel and his team for the deal flow,

        Thank you, Rodrigo L

      • #76614

        Yes, I second that…….a big thanks to you Neil, for doing all of the hard work for all of us! You’re incredible! Not sure how you do it, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

      • Denson

        Okay, I am very new here and VERY NEW to investing… But, after several frustrating days and lots of E-mails, of trying to get the Micro Ventures site to accept my address, I am finally signed up and I made my first investment. My question is this… when I made the investment last night, there were 8 other businesses to invest in which aren’t shown on the Deal Flow page. I was wondering why this is? I finally made my way back to that page to look at the other deals, but, are these investment opportunities part of Angels & Entrepreneurs? or are they something that Micro Ventures is doing on their own? Is Micro Ventures a part of Angels and Entrepreneurs? The deal I really wanted to invest in was already full, but I think my second choice sounds interesting too. I hope this works out! I;m excited to see how it goes.

        • Laura

          Hi Denson, Blair here.

          There are lots of websites out there, called crowdfunding portals, that host these types of equity deals (like Republic, Microventures, StartEngine, and WeFunder, to name a few).

          These are highly regulated entities that facilitate the actual monetary transactions between the startups and their angel investors.

          If you see several deals on Microventures that aren’t listed on the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, it’s most likely that those startups were not selected by Neil as recommendations. There could be many reasons for this, but most of the time, startups are not featured on our website because they do not pass Neil’s 1,000X Formula.

          That’s what the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network is here for – to provide a curated collection of the best deals out there, across all platforms.

          I hope this answered your question!

      • Linda

        I read the same as everyone else, but I tend to agree with Neil. Finding companies that have great potential is very hard and I personally would not know where to begin. I am so grateful to Neil for doing ALL the hard work for me right now. I also chose A&E, because I want to invest, but have no idea what I should be looking for or how to achieve my goals. I am confident that I made the right choice when I joined A&E’s. For myself, 1,2,or3 deals a month is the least of my concerns. My concerns are finding the right investments to make. I am at a point in my life, where I don’t have the next 30-40 yrs. to educate myself enough to know what I am doing. So, from me to Neil, I look forward to meeting you one day and personally Thanking you!!! Linda

      • Terri

        Everyone be patient if you want Neil to lead and guide you take his advice let him do his diligence if you are impatient and you want to put your money in just any ole deal there are plenty on the websites that the other companies posted with (Republic, Wefunder etc..) but if you want Neil’s guidance be patient.

      • Kevin

        The crowd sourcing and Angels network I feel will be a big movement and is just gaining traction itself.

        I am relatively new here but I was on Start engine looking at the Goffee deal and saw that Start Engine were looking for investors.

        When the gold rush was booming the people mining for gold were the rare ones who got rich it was the people who sold the picks who made out.

        StartEngine is working on making Angel investing more liquid they are building a way to cash out sooner than going IPO.

        What do you think about the platforms themselves as an investment? @Neil Patel

      • t. vee


      • Randy

        As a private Angle and late startup investor what Neil’s team does for vetting is a BIG time saver. I’d rather have 1-2 quality deals vs 3 every month.

      • Neil Patel

        Hi Ronnie! I saw you posted this question in two places, so I’ll copy and paste my response below:

        The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network has been active for two full calendar months so far: July and August. We posted July’s deals a few days early, on the 25th of June:

        1. App-App
        2. CHRGR
        3. Mealthy

        In August, 3 more deals joined their ranks:

        1. Caribu
        2. GOffee
        3. Jetson AI

        It’s September now, but we are just a few days into the month. As I’ve said on other forum posts, these deals come in on a rolling basis. That’s because it takes a substantial amount of work and time to (1) find a deal that follows my 1,000X Formula; (2) correspond with the founders of that startup; (3) schedule interviews with the founders; (4) thoroughly vet the company and its founders with our legal team; and (5) perform due diligence on the startup.

        Plus, consider that new startups go live with new raises every day. We would rather get the BEST deals at various points throughout the month then pick whatever deals were convenient to get them all on the Network by the first of the month.

        Not to mention the fact that spacing the deals out gives you, the subscribers, a better opportunity to focus on each and take in every bit of information we offer on each deal.

        I hope this answers your question; and stay tuned, because we should have an announcement coming early next week.


        • lorene kim

          I appreciate all the hard work and effort, You and your team put in each and every day. It’s not an easy task. To be honest when I saw Ronnie message. I was startled at his words. No one wants to think bad of your effort. I’m sure Ronnie was just curious as though other “Angel’s” may have as well. Therefore, some may want the wealth to come faster than anticipated. I know it doesn’t work this way and “Patient” will be well worth the wait and we’re all a “Family.” I honestly can’t do it without you, your team and the Angel’s. Thanks for clearing up what a lot of Angel’s may have wanted to know, therefore was just to bashful and or shy to ask. This platform was a “God” sent to me.

          God Bless….

          Lorene Kim (Women’s Wear Combat Boots.)

      • Katie W.

        I thought I read 2 each month, but I just joined at the end of August, so I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I was wondering when we would get the next set of deals though. Anyone else know?

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