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    RAIDA stands for Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents
    Superior blockchain alternative using patented technology
    Now crowdfunding in TruCrowd (Started 10/5/2020 4:20 Pacific Time & has raised $425K as of 10/7/20 11am PT out of $535K max limit)
    Minimum Investment: $2,000
    Bonus: 100 cloudcoins for every unit purchased
    Pre-Money Valuation: $15,0 million

    RAIDA is considered to be more scalable, faster, more secure, more affordable, and more eco-friendly than certain blockchain technology; quantum age ready

    The company is focused on delivering next-generation technology solutions for various digital currencies and tokenization. The first phase of accomplishing this goal is to take an existing coin, Cloudcoin, and technically place this asset on various large scale exchanges starting with Bitcoin.com, HitBTC and Changelly.

    This is the 2nd investment I have made for RAIDAtech. Check it out if this startup is for you.

    Have a safe & blessed Angels’ Investing!



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      • Marnie

        Hello Angels!

        I just want to post an update about RAIDATech. This startup has reached its maximum goal of $535K but is still accepting over subscription.

        If you are interested in RAIDATech, you can still invest https://us.trucrowd.com/equity/offer-summary/RAIDA subject to approval process.

        Thank you! Good luck on your angel investments. Stay safe & blessed!


        A&E VIP Lifetime Founder
        RAIDATech Investor

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