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    Katie W.

    Hey, does anyone know how to figure out the TAM for a company? I’m very new to this, so not sure if it’s listed on the SEC forms, but it sounds like Neil advises figuring out what it is before you invest in a company. Thank you!

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      • Will

        DISCLAIMER: I’m a new investor, with little experience.
        That being said, I found a wealth of information through a simple Google search for “What is Investment TAM”.
        And, there was a flood of opinions of TAM, SAM, SOM – and whether to use them or not. Some really good examples, too. Using TAM as it is used by many investors today, none of them would have invested in Google, or eBay or Amazon or Uber (not a complete list, either). So read what TAM actually is via the search, and make your determination of how much ‘Stock’ (pun intended) you put into TAM. Hope you have a great investing experience!

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