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    Kevin B

    It’s important to support the arts.

    In case you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio into film consider the movie “The Astrid Experience” on WeFunder.

    It’s one of the more unique film raises on the WeFunder platform.

    Here is what personally attracted me to this film enough to want to become one of its producers.

    1. Cal Barnes is a talented actor, writer, director who’s now making an independent film for himself. Anyone that has the spirit to not wait for others to give them something I like. This is an important quality for success.
    2. The producing duo of Cal Barnes (film maker) and John That (musician) is an interesting mix of talent with little overlap. Good things come in two’s. You can clearly hear, see and feel this while watching the films trailer.
    3. The lead actress who plays Astrid (Lucia Dimitra Xypteras) is a newcomer to Hollywood. She’s from South Africa and there is something really charming, unique and intriguing about her. You can hear her unique accent and charm really come though in a nice way while watching the films trailer. Watch the way she literally jumps out at the screen in one of the trailer scenes. (“Hi, I’m Astrid, by the way. What are you doing tonight? .. Do you want to go to a party?”)

    If you see the same qualities that I see regarding this film, consider joining the film on WeFunder. The minimum is $100. It’s potentially a nice way to diversify your overall investment portfolio.

    Please find “The Astrid Experience” trailer below:


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