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    Eric Janszen

    Hi everyone. Co-Founder & CEO of VirZOOM here. Created this thread for discussion of our Founders & Visionaries deal:

    Founders and Visionaries Deal

    At the time of this posting we’ve raised $405K toward our campaign goal of $535K. The campaign closes in 8 days.

    Glad to clarify any information provided and answer any questions you have.

    Tough questions welcomed. After all, it’s your hard-earned money you’re thinking to invest. Don’t hold back out of politeness.

    I’ll set the tone by asking 3 questions that should be asked of any founder raising money but often aren’t asked:

    Q: How much skin in the game do you have?
    A: I’m the largest individual investor in the company with more than $1.2M invested.

    Q: Who are your major investors?
    A: They are mostly high net worth friends, most of whom I’ve known for 20 years or more. They include VCs investing their own money, fund managers, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and C-level executives of major corporations. Some have invested in VirZOOM as many as 6 times in various rounds since we starting in 2015, as we’ve continued to get closer and closer to the goal line.

    Q: Are there any institutional investors in your deal?
    A: Yes, Greycroft partner Jon Goldman invested from his Tracker fund and Alan Breitman for family office Breitman Investments LP.

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