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About Angels + Entrepreneurs Network

Angels + Entrepreneurs Network was launched by Neil Patel in June 2019. As one of the world’s most successful angel investors and a foremost expert in the field, Neil launched the Angels + Entrepreneurs Network after Congress passed an act that allowed everyday investors just like you to participate in what could be the most powerful way to make money in our lifetime: angel investing.
Neil Patel is a New York Times bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web. Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. Neil was recognized as a top-100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top-100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

He has helped Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Google, Thomson Reuters, Viacom, NBC, Intuit, Zappos, American Greetings, General Motors, and Salesforce grow through marketing. Neil is a serial entrepreneur who today runs four companies on a global scale.

But Neil spends more time these days on the other side of the table – as an angel investor. That means he gets to be one of the first to put capital into young and promising companies.

Neil has made some unbelievable returns backing early-stage startups. Now, he’s here to teach you to do the same.
Robert Herjavec joined Neil for the Angels + Entrepreneurs Summit, a special event to debut the launch of the Network. Robert is a passionate advocate for financial literacy, and as an angel investor himself, he believes it’s a great outlet for creating generational wealth. However, Robert will not be offering recommendations or providing investment opportunities on the Angels + Entrepreneurs Network. All startup opportunities will be vetted and recommended by Neil Patel.

The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network prides itself on being an independent resource, the best in the industry, for today’s angel investors. As such, we do not accept advertisements or donations of any kind from the companies we cover.

Our Customer Support is available 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) Monday through Friday. You can reach them by phone at 1-866-310-1498 or by email at Please visit the Contact Us page for more information.
The 2020 Angels + Entrepreneurs Retreat will be held February 21-22, 2020 in Miami, Florida*.

The retreat will be full of opportunities to network with other members and industry insiders, including Neil Patel himself.
Members are sent an email notifying them when the tickets for the retreat go on sale in accordance to their Angels + Entrepreneurs subscription level. The tickets go on sale about four months prior to the event and sell out very quickly, so we encourage our members to reserve them as soon as possible!
* Please note that the date and location of the event changes yearly.
There are thousands of startups raising money on the internet at any given time! Angels + Entrepreneurs Network only recommends the ones that pass Neil’s 1,000X formula – the ones which he sees having the potential to make it big.
Members are welcome to submit startups through the Contact Page, under the field titled “Are You an Entrepreneur?” The research team will reach out to the Founder directly if they see the potential to become one of our recommended companies.
Currently, Angels + Entrepreneurs Network offers three membership levels:

Founder: The Founding level membership provides a minimum of two startup recommendations per month. These deals will always be open to both accredited and non-accredited investors. This membership is offered in one- or two-year increments.

Elite Founder: This is a lifetime of the Founder level. In addition to the 2+ recommendations every month, Elite members receive a quarterly Real Estate Investment opportunity, as well as a monthly BDC (Business Development Company) report.

VIP Founder: This is the highest level of membership we currently offer. VIP Founders receive at least two recommendations per month as well, however, these will generally be Regulation A or D, and may have slightly higher investment minimums, or be exclusive to accredited investors.

Angels + Entrepreneurs Inner Circle: This is a package membership which gives you access to all of the subscriptions we offer – and you are automatically added to any subscriptions which are released in the future! For more information about the Inner Circle, feel free to call our VIP Product Specialists at 1-866-405-7674.

Angel Investing/Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding gives the average investor the chance to participate in opportunities that previously may have only been open to relatives, venture capitalists, and the very wealthy/elite.
Crowdfunding websites are platforms where startups can list and publicize their raises. Some such as StartEngine even offer guidance to help Founders through the daunting process of opening a raise and marketing their company. If you plan to invest in any startup recommended through our services, you will find a link to the fundraising page under the Angel Action Plan, which is listed on every deal page. In accordance with the law, Angels + Entrepreneurs Network does not perform these transactions or receive any data directly about what you have invested in or the amount invested.
We get this question a lot, and unfortunately, there is no straight answer, as every investor’s risk tolerance is different. The short answer? It’s entirely up to you.

Angel investing can be risky. That’s why Neil recommends diversification as one of the core methods to mitigate risk. In other words, try not to put all your eggs in one basket.
Any investment contains an element of risk. There are some risks that an investor can control and others they can only guard against. General economic factors, inflation, market value fluctuations, and general conservatism are all risks to every investment.

It is important to make well-informed investments based on thorough research to minimize your risk. It is also important to speak with a financial advisor to better understand these risks and market terminology. An advisor can help you make better decisions for your long-term portfolio.

To be an accredited investor, one of the two following conditions must be met: 1) You must be married and have earned an income exceeding $200,000-$300,000 over the past two years, or 2) you need to have a net worth greater than $1 million, not including the value of your home.

There is no certification or documentation that names you as an accredited investor. Instead, the company behind the private deal you are trying to engage with will put you through their own screening process to verify your status. Typically, this is just a signed form from your broker or accountant verifying your assets.

Non-accredited investors make up the bulk of investors around the world. In fact, when someone mentions “retail investors,” they often mean non-accredited investors. Put simply, non-accredited investors are people who have less than $1 million in assets, aside from the value of their home, and earn under $200,000 annually.

An offering through Regulation CF (short for “crowdfunding”) has a maximum fundraising limit of $1,070,000 and must be conducted through a single online funding portal that is registered with the SEC (i.e. crowdfunding websites). Individual investors are limited in the amounts they are allowed to invest by their income and net worth.

A Regulation A+ (or Tier 1) offering is available to all investors, regardless of accreditation status, and allows a startup to raise up to $20 million over 12 months.

Tier 2 offerings under Reg. A+ are more common because they lack the burdensome requirements for state-by-state qualification. They also feature higher maximum fundraising limits ($50 million rather than $20 million).
Under Reg. D, a startup can publicly advertise the sale of its shares and there is no upper limit to the amount they can raise.

The downside is that it can only sell to verified “accredited investors” (i.e. individuals or married couples with a net worth in excess of $1 million). That means that most everyday investors won’t be able to participate.

Because businesses at this funding level have already achieved some level of success, 506(c) raises can be great investment opportunities for those who qualify.

For those who don’t, there are still other offerings you can participate in – with just as much potential to make you a millionaire.
Reg. CF and Reg. A raises have a maximum amount which they are able to accept during a 12-month period. For Reg. CF, this amount is $1.07 million, and for Reg. A, this amount is $20 million.

Once a raise hits its maximum, the company can open the waitlist. This seems much more common in Reg. CF raises. In the event that a previous investor can’t fund their investment, individuals on the waitlist get a chance to replace them at the cap table. (Please note: Different platforms operate their waitlist differently, so it is important to check the policies for the crowdfunding site in question.) Once a raise reaches its closing date, the waitlist is generally closed as well. All investments are finalized and any waitlisters who did not have the chance to invest have their commitments canceled.

In addition to having maximum funding amounts, each raise has a minimum goal, which can vary from company to company. If the raise does not hit that minimum goal, investments are canceled and returned to investors.

For your direct investments, you will generally have a portfolio on the crowdfunding site used, similar to what you might find on a standard brokerage platform.

We recommend using a digital spreadsheet (Excel, Google docs, etc.) to make note of your personal investments and login credentials for any crowdfunding platform you join. Many members use the notebook provided in the welcome kit for this purpose as well!

That’s correct! Neil and the research team work hard to find the best startups, with the lowest minimums available. Please note that minimums will vary. If a company passes the rigorous vetting process, we are going to pass it on to you regardless of minimum price.

That is entirely up to you; you may invest in as many or as few recommendations as you like.

Yes. Although companies are able to extend their raises if they haven’t met their goal, raises have a final closing date. After that date has passed, investments are no longer accepted.

Once the raise closes, investments are finalized. The company follows up on any outstanding investments, and as long as the minimum goal (listed within the offering documents) has been met, the company can disperse the funds from escrow. We recognize that this can be a nerve-wracking process, but it is important to be patient, as this process can take weeks or even months.

If the company has not met its minimum goal, investments are canceled and any funds are returned to investors.
You should expect around a minimum hold time of two to three years. It is possible to see a return earlier, but angel investing can take time.

Please note that it is okay to change your mind! Platforms generally offer a short period directly after the investment is made (typically 48 hours) to cancel. After that, you may be locked in for a year before you can sell your stake if you decide that startup is not for you. If you are on the fence, make sure to double-check the policies of the crowdfunding platform before you invest.

Shares of common or preferred stock represent ownership in a corporation. The biggest difference between the two is that common stock gives investors voting rights, while preferred stock does not.

The Crowd SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) is a contract that represents a financial stake in a company, however investors are not automatically stock holders. SAFE investments are converted to equity after triggering events, such as an IPO, a merger or acquisition, or in some cases, later funding rounds.

In the event that you have the opportunity to collect a return from a trigger event, the company will contact your directly with the details.

It can vary. This is mandated by the regional securities commission (the SEC in the U.S.) for the place in which you reside. It is best to check with that governing body to make sure that you are acting within the laws and guidelines in place for your territory.

Investment limits are mandated by the SEC, and are in place to help protect individuals from investing more than they can responsibly afford to risk. Crowdfunding platforms usually will allow you to enter more information about your net worth and income to raise your limit as appropriate.

Groups and Local Chapters

Groups and Local Chapters let you stay in touch with fellow angel investors with similar interests, whether they’re in your city or across the country. When you join a group, you’ll have access to a Chapter Forum, where you can get in touch with your fellow group members and talk about all things investing.

My team can also help you facilitate group meetings, virtually, for now. When it’s safe, we can set you up with some of our event coordinators and help you organize an in-person meeting, too.

You can create any kind of group you would like. We currently have Local Chapters available by regions, but we also have interest groups available for angel investors who share the same interests.

You can create a group by contacting my team at, and they can help you facilitate that. If you do decide to start a group, you can find someone to act as your Chapter Coordinator, or you can do it yourself.

The Chapter Coordinator leads the group and facilitates meetings, check-ins, and conversations on the Chapter Forum.

They’re also the main point of contact between the group and the Angels & Entrepreneurs team, meaning that they’re the ones to contact us if their group is interested in setting up a meeting.

Beyond that, you can make the role whatever you want it to be.

My team and I are here to help you in whatever capacity you need. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas at


If you click on your display name and then navigate to “Forums,” you can see your approved posts organized by Replies or Topics.
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Our member list is going strong at over 60,000! Some members have organized local in person meetups to network with other investors and entrepreneurs in their area. Whenever possible, the Angels + Entrepreneurs Network will help promote and organize those events. However, the Local Chapter Forum is a good place to see if there is anyone interested in meeting in your area.

We do also host an hour-long Virtual Chapter Meetup once a month, which is open to all members.
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Our admin team moderates every comment which is submitted to the forum in order to maintain a positive and organized environment. Generally, you can expect your comment to be moderated within 24 hours.

Occasionally, your comment may take a little extra time because our team is reaching out to Neil or one of the Founders directly to ensure the best response. Please be patient with us; we want to be as helpful as possible!

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A post may be declined if a moderator does not feel that it is aligned with the Network Codes of Conduct.
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Absolutely! Neil Patel and many of the Founders of the companies we recommend participate directly in the forum and answer member questions when they have the opportunity to. However, Founders post in the Network at their own discretion.

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Orders and Payments

Your welcome kit should arrive within 4-6 weeks.

Once you have received confirmation of your purchase, it may take up to 24 hours for your order to process. However, everything you need to get started is located right here, within our website! During the first week of your membership, make sure to check your email for tutorials to help familiarize you with the different areas of our site.

Your purchase will appear as PSV*Angels and Entre, PSV*Private Deal Flow, or PSV*Angels Entre Inner Ci depending on what you purchased.

The PSV* before the name of the newsletter stands for “publishing services,” indicating that the charge is for a newsletter service. Other publishing houses use this same acronym. Following this is the name of the publication. In general, the PSV* designation appears only on Visa card statements (please see below image for reference). The phone number for Angels + Entrepreneurs Customer Support is also listed in case you have a question or concern about the charge. In fact, we highly encourage you to reach out to our Customer Care team by phone at 1-866-310-1498 or email if you need any explanations or clarification on the charge prior to reaching out to your credit card company or bank. Our Customer Care representatives are more than happy to assist you!

That’s correct! One payment guarantees lifetime access to your service.


Events: The Events page shows you any Angels + Entrepreneurs Network events in development. This page will also list events which the startups themselves hold, and would like to publicize to our members.

Deal Flow: The Deal Flow page lists all of the startups which have been recommended through our subscriptions. Each deal tile contains due diligence information, videos with Neil, and an Angel Action Plan with instructions on how to invest. Each company on this page is one which was handpicked by Neil and the research team, and passes Neil’s 1,000X formula.

Media Room: Most importantly, the Media Room contains your eight-part Angel Investing Boot Camp with Neil! You will also find a monthly Masterclass video in which Neil interviews a special guest and a monthly Virtual Boardroom meeting to catch you up on the most recent month of Angels + Entrepreneurs Network.

Network: The Network page contains our message boards, where you can discuss the deals and crowdfunding with other angel investors just like you!

Reports: The Reports page lists any special reports which are available to help you on your journey as an angel investor. We highly recommend checking out Decoding the SEC’s Raise Regulations and the Speaking Silicon Valley dictionary for valuable information about raises, equity crowdfunding, and more!
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You can click your display name in the top-right corner of the screen, and navigate to “Account Settings” to update your contact info.

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Yes! You can change your username by selecting your display name in the top-right corner of the screen and navigating to “Profile” and then “Edit.” You can change your password within the “Account Settings” menu.

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All recommended startups are found in the Deal Flow page. Each deal panel contains your due diligence information, Neil’s Take, and a “Hot Seat” interview with the Founder. Each page also contains a unique Angel Action Plan – your step-by-step instructions to invest in that particular startup.
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If you are new to our service, we recommend watching the eight-part Angel Investing Boot Camp video series. There, you’ll get a comprehensive explanation on angel investing, and how we use it to make huge returns.

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Once you are ready to invest, navigate to the Angel Action Plan, which is found on every deal page. That’s where you will find a link to the company’s fundraising page. From there, you’ll see a link to invest or join the waitlist.
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The quickest way is to click the small ribbon at the top of the deal tile.

This will show you a snapshot of info about the company and tell you if it’s closed. If you click on the tile itself, you will enter the deal page. Companies that are closed will specify this in the Angel Action Plan.

In addition, the Deal Flow page is organized chronologically, with newest deals at the top.
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Once you invest in a company, it will usually update you directly. However, whenever we receive an update about one of our recommended startups, we pass it on to our members.

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You can change email settings for your free and paid subscriptions by going to “Account Settings” and then “Subscriptions.”

Customer Care is also happy to help you with this and can manually remove you from any email lists. Just reach out to them here!
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If you have questions about one of your personal investments, it is best to reach out to the platform which you invested through directly. In crowdfunding, this would mean one of the sites who handles these transactions such as Republic, StartEngine, or Microventures.
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