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Which Investment Contract Is the Best

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    Tony Hudson

    Hi, I’m a new investor and owner of G.I. Joe Coffee House. We are in the process of launching a fundraising campaign, and wondering which investment contract is the best for our investors. We are fundraising to develop a unique brick and mortar incubator to serve veterans who are in transition into the coffee industry. This will also launch coffee kiosks, coffee trucks and coffee houses, thus forming a network of coffee sales units nationwide. In addition, we will establish support facilities like coffee roasting and coffee logistics & warehousing opportunities. I was looking at offering one of the three contracts; Revenue Share, Convertible Note, or a Priced Round. We will be a brick & mortar operation, but currently we are a pre-revenue with a pre-money valuation of $5M. If you were to invest in this, what type of contract would be most attractive to you and why?

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      • John webster

        It depends on your revenue share model. You have several kinds. I have 18 crowdfunding investments and many outside crowd funding sites. Been in crowd funding since about the end of June this year. One company it is funny we were already acquired and another one we had an offer,however,too low plus another investment our two main competitors already acquired for a couple of billion and almost 1 billion, 950 million, last weekend and July. I have investments on crowdfunding sites where we get 40% of net profits and 110%, 120%, of etc of intial investment plus dividends which companies do if they choose ,profitable etc.I like that cause it tides me over until we are acquired , reach ipo etc. Recoup my initial investment then invest everything over that. The lower investment you ask for the more investors. People willing to take a shot ..I have invested via a note too, one company we get 5% of royalties too which I like alot . some I get 4 times my investment plus 2% annually and a couple of percent royalties , tide me over until exit strategy is reached.

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