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What Are Your Short, Mid, Long Term Goals?

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    Greetings everyone!

    To get the results we all want, we must stay connected and committed to take action every day. One thing which could help us achieve this, is simply keeping conversations going on this group.

    To get the conversation started, my name is Andres, married for 6 years, We are both Christian Catholic with two toddlers.

    I’m currently a marketing director for a group of universities, have been doing internet marketing for 15 years with a proven track record, making a decent living, but still trapped into working very long hours for others.

    I have very decent returns In the past couple years of investing in the stock market, especially this year!

    Though I’m ready to take my learnings into the next level.

    My long hours have not allowed me to take as much advantage to my A&E membership, been looking into a couple deals for which I was a bit late. Looking for other members in this group to connect and bounce ideas from.

    My short term goal: Find startups to invest in through this network to continue building my portfolio.

    My current mid-term goal: To work with other entrepreneurs in the form of partner, helping them drive their marketing towards the best ROI possible.

    My long term goal: To make a living from my investments while helping businesses to grow and individuals to learn how to do marketing and learn about investments.

    Looking forward to hear from this group!

    Andres M.

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