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Virtual Meet Ups – Want Your Feedback!

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    Jeremy Miller

    We all know that the power of many of us working together outperforms us sitting in front of our computers by ourselves trying to figure things out. As I prepare virtual meet up events, I would like to get your feedback to help make sure we provide value for each other. Please reply back with your thoughts:

    1. Should we meet twice a month or once a month?
    2. Would you show up to the meetings?
    3. What would you like to see the topics of discussions be?
    4. What would provide the most value to you at this point in time?

    Right now, I am thinking about holding the meetings on Tuesday evenings at 6PM Central Time / 7PM Eastern Time. Again, when this is done will be subject to feedback I get from group members on how often you think we should meet. It will also depend on people showing up ready to give and share value.

    Thank you!

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      • Angela

        I have another class on Tuesdays (and Thursdays) at 6pm and can be available by 7:30 (cst) if that is not to late to meet. I am excited about the group and virtual meetings. B/R-Angela

      • Malachi

        I’m all in for this group I think we can help each other make some great investments. Tuesday evenings work just great for me. I think it would be awesome if anyone who wants to could pitch some new companies, spend the week doing some research and then the next week, come together again and give some helpful information on each of the companies. just a thought. Also I just have a few questions about the virtual meetings, will they be live cam meetings? Also, how can i access them?

      • Jeremy Miller

        I need more feedback folks! I can’t do this based on 3 responses.

        The time of 6pm central / 7pm eastern is most likely going to be the time on a Tuesday but I’d like to see at least 10 posts from members of this huge group that say they’ll commit to showing up. 🙂

      • Bonnie

        Hello! I am new to angel investing. I am looking forward to connecting. Tuesday’s mostly would work for me. Let’s do this thing!!

      • CeCe

        I attend class on Tuesday and Thursday night at 6 pm-10:20 pm EST. If there will be a recording I will review it but if not we have to come up with a good day and time we can all attend.

      • Thomas Burns

        Tuesday evenings is perfect for me. It is the one evening I seldom if ever have anything planned.
        Please just let me know.


Viewing 5 reply threads
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