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What have you invested in so far?!

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    M. Spence

    Hey everyone,

    I’m not sure if anyone else wants to have a Zoom meeting other than Lisa and I, so let’s put that on hold. If you want to just let me know and we’ll set one up.

    I’m interested in knowing what everyone is investing in? I haven’t invested in any of these companies yet, although I have registered at Republic and Start Engine so I can invest. I’m taking a hard look at Piestro right now. Can’t wait until Neil does the Hot Seat for that one. Hope I get some of my questions answered.

    What have you invested in?

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      • Jofargar

        Hello All,

        I have invested in Mealty and Upsonder. Mealthy has sold and waiting for all the T&C’s to be completed. Then I will see how everything works. I am not a big $$ spender. I sign up to hope to see if this works first and if it does I plan to invest more money. We will see

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