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Hi everyone


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    Mar W.

    My name is Marcie and I served in the Army. Ever since I came back from OIF III, I have been looking to invest and grow my portfolio.

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      • rick

        Hi, im rik, I am retired from army/ federal government. I have been trying to invest in stock, doing the penny, microcurrency, and now angel + entrepreneurs. I have invested in 8 different group, 3 or 4 with kevin O’Leary from shark tank. Its pretty interesting. to listen to Neil also drill these company and you can make decision. I think I have invested in 8-10 but not all have went live. The first was Mamie”s Pies that will be in several grocery stores and QVC. I hope to get a few dollar on that. Hope to hear from you guy. Thanks for sharing if you find something you think is good, I will share my company or my stock secret if I find something that has been making money to my fellow military family. Rick

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