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    Leslie Garcia

    Hello good afternoon my name is leslie and I have a question,
    I made an investent on wefunder and I saw that it said

    ” Future Equity agreement (SAFE) with most favored investor Clause”
    “If any future investor gets a better deal, your contract matches those terms”
    Could I please get help with what that means.

    Thankyou so much.

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  • Author

      • Bill

        I’ve maxed out my yearly investment limit set by the SEC. Does anyone know of any loopholes around these limits? Thank you in advance for your comments.

      • Mike G

        Hello group.
        Is anyone making money on deals?
        Or on private deals?

      • skip

        Someone mentioned LaneAxis as a possible investment but I can’t find the post. Can you please respond again? I was curious as to why you chose LaneAxis over Fleeting, a similar company.

      • Tdelunajr

        Hello, I am new to investing and am excited to start and eager to learn. Any tips from experienced would help.

      • JD Davis

        You can always Google practically any info about things you don’t know or understand. Here’s a link I found regarding it.. and there’s tons more info available.

        You can also look at the reports dropdown and there’s a report called Speaking “Silicon Valley” with many interesting tidbits in there too.

        Good luck!


        • jquesadacruz

          Thanks JD for the link above; great explanation of SAFEs.  Thanks!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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