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Metaiye Knights: Crytpo-Comics

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    Hey All,

    I haven’t been very active here, but I wanted to share this with the other A&E folks who are like things related to cryptos.
    Right now cryptocurrencies must be identical to each other, but a quickly emerging field of cryptos is in the form of <b>Non-Fungible Assets,</b> which means that each coin or token can be unique. The ability to have a unique digital asset on the blockchain is going to pave the way for an entirely <u>new industry of digital collectibles!</u>

    • Think of the potential of non-fungible assets like Beanie Babies
    • Uniqueness and rarity of digital collectibles increase their value, along with demand

    Metaiye Knights is looking to be one of the first Crypto Comics, which will distribute as a nun-fungible collectible called “Crypto Media” & contains unique items that will appreciate in value / can be traded peer-to-peer like other cryptocurrencies.

    There’s 5 days left to invest with a $100 buy in minimum. They’ve raised over $302,815 as of 9/13.
    Their minimum shares offered is 2,000 at $5.00 per share. Link to Metaiye Knights StartEngine

    I’d be interested to hear others thoughts on this. I believe digital collectibles will become a massive industry within 3-5 years.

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      • Merlynmac

        It’s a foreign concept to me but then again, I play online games and see how much “real money” people spend on digital assets. I can see this being really big.

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