Neil Patel here. Earlier this week, I filled you in on what’s new with the three active deals listed on the Network. But today, I want to focus in on a deal many of you invested in last month: CHRGR.

CHRGR is a startup revolutionizing the way that brands get their products in front of consumers. This up-and-coming business provides branded portable batteries, free of charge, to customers in need at music festivals, bars, and other venues across the country.

CHRGR’s raise closed when it hit its maximum fundraising goal on July 25th. Since then, CHRGR did what it does best – provide sponsored batteries to thousands of people – at several large events, including the Outside Lands music festival last weekend, which was CHRGR’s most successful festival activation ever.

Founder and CEO John Mullin reports that CHRGR’s new software platform connected them with thousands of festival attendees this year, allowing CHRGR to pull in significantly more revenue than they did last year.

This month, CHRGR executed projects with clients including Nike, Horizon Bank, Audi, and many others. Mullin and his team will also be working with the New Chip Seed Accelerator Program, a 12-week curriculum that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Behind the scenes, CHRGR continues to prototype new devices for faster and more efficient charging.

Now, I know that many of you were disappointed to see that CHRGR’s raise filled up so quickly. I’ve seen plenty of comments on the Deal Forum asking if and when Mullin and his team will start accepting new investors.

All I can say is that you’ll want to keep an eye on your inbox later this month – the CHRGR team is working on something I think you’ll be really excited about.

Until next time,

Neil Patel