Dear Reader,

Neil here.

It’s been a massive week for the startup community.

If you haven’t been following, the SEC just launched a series of new amendments that will make investing easier, crowdfunding less risky, and turning to everyday investors (like you!) attractive for even more startups.

That’s all extremely exciting in itself. But I’m excited about it for an even bigger reason.

These changes show that YOU have power as an investor, no matter who you are or how much money you have to spend on building out your portfolio.

Agencies, institutions, startups, founders, and more are finally recognizing that there is serious value in harnessing your power to fuel the next generation of ideas that will change the world.

And sure, it’s great that these companies can now raise even more capital. It’s incredible that you have even more control over just how much of your money goes into your investments.

But here’s a secret. Your value as an investor extends far beyond the capital you invest.

Let me repeat that… YOU have the power to add value to your portfolio companies beyond just your original investment. And with the recent changes from the SEC, I bet you’ll have plenty of opportunities for value-add in the very near future.

But what exactly is value-add? I’ve discussed it a few times since we launched, but it’s now more important and relevant than ever.

Basically, you can be a “value-add” investor if you contribute beyond just an investment. That could mean bringing necessary skills, resources, talents, experiences to the table. It could also mean introducing your portfolio founders to your own network of contacts that could help them out in their venture.

And it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Even just sharing something about your portfolio company on social media is a form of value add. If it brings eyes to a company or its raise, that is a value add in itself.

The type of value you bring to the table really depends on you.

My advice? Think about the skills, experiences, and contact you have that could benefit your portfolio companies. And then see if you can make that connection with your portfolio founders.

Now, we’ll have plenty more to say on this subject over the coming weeks. This is a sentiment that’s shared among the different members of the Advisory Board, and you’ll get to hear their takes very soon, too.

But for now, take this with you: The tides are changing for everyday investors, and they’re changing for the good. It’s a great year to be involved in the startup world, and you’re in exactly the right place to take advantage of it.

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That’s all from me for today but have a great day. I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel