Neil here.

At some point in the near future, I’m hoping life as we knew it just over one year ago will return to normal.

When that happens, there’s a really important part of this Network that will kick back into high gear… and I want you to get ready right now.

I’m talking about our community, and specifically, our Groups and Local Chapters.

Part of the fun of being a community member here is the opportunity to network with your angel investors from all over the world. But even better, we’ve designed a space where you can connect with people who live close by, whether it’s the same region, state, or even city.

You see, we’ve spent the last year isolated from large groups like this one. We’ve hosted virtual meetings for our chapters, and we even have a Virtual Chapter that’s open to every single member of the Network.

Those have been informative and fun… and I’m looking forward to the day when groups can start hosting their chapter meetings in person once again.

Of course, we need to wait for the all clear to let that happen again. But you can prepare right now by completing a few key tasks:

  1. Head over to the Groups & Local Chapters section of the website and find a group (or a few!) you’d like to join. If you don’t see one you want, reach out to the team at to get one set up.
  2. When you join the group, post a message in the forum to say hello and introduce yourself! Find a few other posts and leave comments to start networking.
  3. And finally, if you’re a Chapter Coordinator, reach out to the team at to get a chapter meeting set up. We’ll help you out by hosting it on our Zoom platform and letting the community know it’s happening.
Groups and Chapters are what make this community so special. This is one of the largest communities of angel investors in the entire world, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow.

Not only that, but networking is one of the most important parts of being an angel investor. You have tens of thousands of fellow members at your fingertips here, waiting for you to add them to your own network.

Right now, we have a whopping 54 chapters hosted on the site. Three of those chapters are international, from Italy, Canada, and Slovenia. And many of those chapters are special interest groups, like our Veterans group, our Women’s Network, and our Pastor and Ministry Network.

As our community grows, I expect that number to get even bigger… and I hope you’re just as excited as I am to see it take off.

So right now, go here. Find your group. Say hello. And let the networking begin.

Before you go, here’s a quick extra to check out.

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That’s all from me for today, but stay tuned. I’ll be back soon with another update.

Until next time,

Neil Patel