Live Networking Session: How Startups and Investors Can Weather Wild Economic Conditions

Neil Patel here.

Yesterday, I hosted a live Networking Session with my friend Cameron Chell, founder of the venture creation firm Business Instincts Group. In case you missed it – or if you want to go back and watch it again – you can check out a full replay above.

A big thank you to everyone who attended – it means a lot to us and we hope you learned something valuable from our conversation.

We covered a lot of ground – but mostly talked about how startups and investors can weather these wild economic conditions.

Because great times of change can bring some amazing disruptive companies (think: Uber or Airbnb).

We also talked about…
  • Why you should be thinking about long term growth when analyzing a company right now…
  • What entrepreneurs need to do (and not do) to weather the storm…
  • What investors should look for (and avoid) in a startup…
  • And the sectors that are thriving (believe it or not, they’re out there) and those that are struggling right now.

Bringing successful people to you is one of my favorite parts about the Network. So again, if you attended, thanks for taking time out of your busy day.

We’re already planning our next Networking Session – so be on the lookout for those details.
And of course, it will always be free to attend.

Because at The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, we’re passionate about providing high-quality deals and founders to you. As a member you get access to some of the world’s leading industry experts, just like Cameron. Or Don Yocham from the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

In fact, one of my friends and investing experts Tom Gentile recently held a similar online event. He held a webinar to teach his attendees how he picked 5 companies that he believes can bring in $1 million in profits. And he wanted me to share it with you too.

Check out his special message for you below.

Stay well,

Neil Patel
Founder, The Angels & Entrepreneurs Network

A Message from America’s #1 Pattern Trader:

Hi there, Tom Gentile here, Americas’s #1 Pattern Trader.

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In it, I break down five companies that I believe can bring me a combined $1 million in profits. That’s right, $1 MILLION.

I’ve been hearing non-stop feedback about the event, so I wanted to share it with you too. Click here to watch the webinar now and learn how I’m making serious profits despite shaky market conditions. Plus, how you could too. In fact, I have a new trade coming out Monday morning that I believe will do just that.

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