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I have been a single parent for 18 years. I have worked very hard, at times two full time jobs plus picking up two-three extra shifts with a temp staffing agency, so 80-88 hours a week to provide for my family. I didn’t have child support or a home and marital assists to sell and divide up in a divorce arrangement like most. I won my freedom from brutal domestic violence and sole custody of my three young sons which was bliss to me at the time. For a while, spending time to discover “breathing and living” by bringing my sons on vacations, to water parks, beaches, pumpkin patches, malls, outlets was like a new life for all of us. Once my sons were grown, I felt that void for the dreams and goals that were important to me. So, I began my education, training, independent research then started a life coach and corporate coach-consultant business,(which I am still building from ground up), and chasing after my life long dream to act/sing. I have made eight feature films since 2016 and I have been experiencing “B” level red carpet success.Knowing many, too many in fact, others are experiencing the same brick wall obstacles trying to achieve goals, not just barely survive, as I do after fleeing violence and isolation forever, my sons and I founded a NJ Non-Profit, VictoriousSurvivorsFoundation. It will take some time and effort to build our foundation from the ground up, but I have tremendous plans in the works and investors would be amazing. My coaching business is slowly progressing. I still NEED more, financially. I do not want to live check to check or month to month. I decided to turn my ability to research into discovering the investments industry. When I received the email about becoming an Angels & Entrepreneurs founder, I couldn’t have been more elated. This year, my plan was to acquire a real estate sales agent license and become educated in real estate investments, then begin investing in properties. Now, I have the opportunity to invest among start-ups with advice from prestigious, well seasoned, phenomenally successful experts such as Robert & Neil. I have absolute faith that within two years, my life story will be from “Rags to Riches,”the hardest of times to the best of times, enjoying the comforts in life abundantly,as well as living my dreams and providing the life I have always wanted to for my family, future generations as well as my philanthropic goals!