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Sectors Agriculture, Consumer Products, Education, Energy & Natural Resources, Finance, Food, Beverage, and Hospitality, Inventions, Media & Entertainment, Medicine & Science, Property & Real Estate, Software, Technology, Transportation

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               Neryk Davydov brings more than 20 years of Marketing, Branding, and Sales experience from a variety of companies like Distributors, Wholesaler, and Retailers. His entrepreneur life has helped 3 other companies to become millionaires before he started his own company because of loyalty. He has grown a company from having 3 reps into 10 reps and causing the company to expand in different territories.


Neryk has always been the #1 company income earner and always gave new ideas and product lines to introduce to his company which would quadruple in sales and earned lots of profits for the company.


               In 2006, Neryk finally opened his own successful company and from that point it was history. The big success started coming when Neryk has invested in his own personal growth and development education learning from Millionaire all the secrets about sales, marketing and branding. One can become rich is when you create your own brand and sell it by the bunches, then you will earn a passive or business income through other people’s efforts instead just yourself. Along the way he also started to do Joint Ventures with big companies and CEO’s and started to create his own brands and products which went on to become a huge success. He has helped other leading bigger companies to learn lots of skills on branding, and marketing ideas from his products.


Neryk has an amazing, passionate, loving wife, Kelly Davydov and two kids Tova and Avichai which was an inspiration to write this book to show that anybody can do anything they want in life when they have their mindset.


Now Neryk focus his time on giving back to other Entrepreneur and sharing the secrets to success through helping them Brand their products or themselves from offline marketing to online marketing to see more entrepreneur succeed instead of fail.