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Sectors Agriculture, Consumer Products, Education, Energy & Natural Resources, Fashion & Leisure, Finance, Food, Beverage, and Hospitality, Inventions, Media & Entertainment, Medicine & Science, Property & Real Estate, Software, Technology, Transportation

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• From Vancouver🏔, British Columbia, CANADA🇨🇦…….yet the world is my playground! It’s been great chatting with many of you already on here
• Not only an Entrepreneur & Investor💵, but also a Massage Therapist🙌, Health & Wellness Coach🗣, Energy Healer🙏, and worldwide networker🌎
• Always looking for new💡, fun, exciting & cutting edge projects to get involved with🎲
• My latest work is in the field of Energy Medicine🔬 with this revolutionary tech I’ve discovered, which is manufactured in Switzerland🇨🇭
• When you turn on this piece of crazy awesomeness😎 (yeah, I really do have to call it this), you automatically open yourself up to better health. It boost’s your energy⚡️, blasts away blockages, clears out toxins🦠, eases sore muscles💪, and zaps your stress…..KAPOW💥Just like that😀 It’s changed my life, my family’s life, and my clients’ lives☀️

• Some of the specific things it sorts out are: poor circulation; inflammation; headaches; migraines; sciatica; arthritis; osteoporosis; insomnia; any chronic, back or body pain; bone fractures; diabetes; Parkinson’s; constipation; chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia; cancer; damaged nerves & tissue; any issues involving the eyes, ears, thyroid, heart, lungs, digestion & spinal alignment; lack of energy; and can be used to assist the healing process of the majority of conditions, diseases, disorders, injuries & challenges. An accurate health diagnosis is NOT required❗️

• Plus, it was such an amazing business opportunity💰 that I just had to be a part of it. This extraordinary device is safe, natural & non-invasive; wakes⏰ up your immune system; has been used in European hospitals🏨 & clinics for many years; and supercharges your cells🧬, keeping them functioning at their optimal level. It’s sort of the ultimate solution🔑 for your overall health, creating a better quality of life for you, which includes feeling better & living longer. If you’re interested, let me know & I can direct you down that path, because nothing out there compares to this!

• Don’t be afraid to say hi……let’s connect. It’s great to find a place like this with like-minded individuals. I’m looking forward to meeting many of you. Thanks A. & E.❤️💜💚💛🧡💙