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I have been developing and inventing products for most of my career. In fact it runs in my family. Some things you have seen in the automotive industry; I was on the forefront of those creations, however I have been hindered by cash, programmers and time. Competitors have taken off, while mine have fallen behind. I work hard full-time and travel a great deal for work. Taking the plunge with my own products have been challenging while working full time. The positive of all this, I have had the ability to predict new and unique products which were on the forefront. After years of trial and error, I figure just maybe I can have my money do the work for me this time. Not sure how much to write here, other than many of my friends find me to be a technical/mechanical intellect with a fun addictive personality. I believe in surrounding yourself around people who can educate you, while you can help others. So here goes nothing 🙂 – Jim