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I am a retired RN with many management positions behind me; worked on potential new products at IBM; started Occupational Health Program at Rooms To Go Furniture and worked at Bellsouth besides hospital nursing (critical care and ER) and supervision. I came out of retirement to sell a premiere CBD and believe wholly in the products this company manufacturers and sells. I was interested in cannabis stock and bought small amounts of several but unfortunately did not pick the big ones ~ at least so far. That got me interested in IPO’s because I want to get the best earnings from the smaller amounts of Money I have for investing. I am mostly trying to create a nest egg for my grandson with autism. He is non verbal and will always need care. I want to ensure he will always have the best of care even when his parents can no longer provide it. That is why I want to try angel investing. I was very tempted to go full in because I could possibly make that amount up very quickly but again if I don’t I would not like to loose it in one felt swoop. I hope to maybe be able to participate at a higher level if at least one thing I choose pays out well. I pray I can make good decisions with your guidance and if not to make a million to at least get a nice neat amount for his care. I hope that if I can hit it big I can easily afford to enter the higher priced group with the best advise. I would love to be able to put my money where the “big boys” do. I’m excited to try my hand at this. You all make it sound so easy but I know it takes a lot of education, analysis and then some great gut feel to get it right. Lead on my new friends!!! PS Yes I’d like to be invited to the back deck of that vessel you were on ~ someday. Since I am no spring chicken I’d better pick well!