Daymond John, also known as The People’s Shark, is one of the most famous – and prolific – angel investors in the world.

You might recognize him as a star panelist on ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. But he made a name for himself long before launching his television career… as the founder and CEO of FUBU.

Daymond started FUBU with just $40 and eventually grew it into a $6 billion global brand worn by celebrities like LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, and Mariah Carey.

So far, he’s worked with over 100 different startups, including dozens of household name brands we know and love (like Bombas, Mission Belt, and Spikeball).

And those are just the deals you can see him make on TV. What you don’t get to see is the hundreds of opportunities that come his way when he’s not on camera.

These are deals where celebrities and successful entrepreneurs come to him privately, asking him to get involved in their startups.

Even experienced angel investors would have trouble getting their foot in the door with some of these companies.

And those are the opportunities he’s going to share with you when you join Private Deal Partners.

Each of these deal opportunities is fully vetted by Daymond – which means they pass his rigorous 1,000X Formula. It’s a simple but sophisticated algorithm he uses to identify those startups with the potential to kick back returns of 1,000X or more.

Our team conducts a thorough review of every single deal, too – including the business model, competitive landscape, market trends, intellectual property, financials and more.

We even run background checks on all the major stakeholders to ensure the company and its founders are above board.

Then and only then, after a deal has passed all these criteria, will you receive a complete Due Diligence Package outlining the entire opportunity.

Inside each package, you will get a FULL breakdown of every startup Daymond has targeted.

Can these startups make you a small fortune if you hit it big within the next few years?

Yes, we ABSOLUTELY believe they have that kind of potential.

These Deals Are Just the Foundation of Your New Angel Portfolio.

Because angel investing isn’t just about one particular deal.

It’s about building a portfolio.

Spreading your risk capital, and giving yourself multiple opportunities for major exits.

You only need one huge success – like a 1,000X return – to generate a small fortune as an angel investor. And statistically speaking, investing in 10 or more deals makes it much more likely that you’ll strike gold.

With Daymond John in your corner, you could even duplicate that success with multiple, highly profitable exits in the next few years alone.

Over the Next 12 Months, Daymond Will Give You the Details on Multiple Startups that Pass the 1,000X Formula.

Going forward, you will receive one new deal per month with all the due diligence from our Research Team. Remember, Daymond is highly selective about the companies he targets. But if the right opportunities present themselves to Daymond and meet all our strict criteria, you may even receive a second deal each month.

Inside each and every Private Deal Partners Due Diligence Package, you’ll be able to access:

The Founders

As a subscriber of Daymond’s network, you will gain access to every interview that Daymond conducts with EVERY founder of EVERY company we target. During these discussions, he will ask tough questions, raise objections, and evaluate these startups with a highly critical eye.

The Vision

You will also be sent a streamlined, easy-to-read document that explains the vision driving each of Daymond’s investments. Daymond will show you what major problem they’re solving, how they plan to thrive and expand, and why their team is the right one to get the job done.

The Stakes

Lastly, we will break down the recommended deal itself. We will tell you the minimum investment (often as little as $100), explain the current valuation, conduct a thorough SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), walk you through the financials, and much more.

The Network

Once you subscribe to Private Deal Partners, you’ll become part of a massive network of angel investors, founders, VCs, and other experts. You’ll get to build relationships with these folks, discuss all of the deal recommendations that come straight from our research team, and see who’s interested in investing in each deal. Remember, this is a research service unlike any other. Private Deal Partners not only gives you details on world-class private equity deals… It also teaches you the angel investing strategies used by Daymond John himself.

It all starts now.