David Weisburd is one of the most successful venture capitalists you’ll ever find.


And he has an insane track record.

Today, at the age of 34, David has a net worth of $20 million.

And he expects to add $10 million to his net worth before the year is out.

Of the 55 startups he’s invested in… only two have gone out of business.

David has agreed to pass along the details on the startups he’s backing with his own personal investment.

He will be sharing his reason for backing the founders, his thoughts on their growth, and why they have the potential to be the kind of rare and extraordinary 10X, 20X, or 50X success he’s after within the next few years.

Our team will then review every detail, conduct a thorough review of the business model, and evaluate the key players at the startup.

Then and only then, after a deal has passed all these criteria, will you receive a complete Due Diligence Package outlining the entire opportunity.

Inside each package, you will get a FULL breakdown of every startup David has targeted.

Can these startups make you a small fortune if you hit it big within the next few years?

Yes, we ABSOLUTELY believe they have that kind of potential.

These Deals Are Just the Foundation of Your New Angel Portfolio.

Successful angel investing is never about any one particular deal.

  • It’s about building a portfolio.
  • Spreading your risk capital, and…
  • Giving yourself multiple opportunities for major exits.

This way, even if just one company in your portfolio becomes a huge success… You could make enough profit from that one company to turn your original stake into a small fortune in the next few years. And if you’re like David, you could duplicate that success with multiple, highly profitable exits… Just as he’s experienced this year with DraftKings, Compass, Palantir, and Shift.

The Next 12 Months Will Give You The Details on Multiple Deal Recommendations That Could Hand You Up to 10X Returns.

Going forward, you will receive one new deal every single month with all the due diligence from our deal analysis team. Remember, David has a 95% success rate. He’s highly selective about the companies he targets. And if the right opportunities present themselves to David and meet all our strict criteria, you may even receive a second deal each month. Inside each and every Daymond John’s Private Deal Partners Due Diligence Package, you will find:

The Founders

As a subscriber of David’s network, you will gain access to every interview that David conducts with EVERY founder of EVERY company we target. During these discussions, he will ask tough questions, raise objections, and evaluate these startups with a highly critical eye.

The Vision

You will also be sent a streamlined, easy-to-read document that explains the VISION behind each of David’s investments. David will show you HOW these businesses plan on thriving in today’s digital economy, WHAT major problem they’re helping to solve, and WHY their business model could be a win-win for everyone.

The Stakes

Lastly, we will break down the recommended deal itself. We will tell you the minimum investment (as little as $100 for three of these deals), explain the current valuation, discuss timetables, and much more. We will also give you a list of any and all venture capital firms who are investing in these startups. This way, you will always know who else has a stake.

The Network

Once you subscribe to Daymond John’s Private Deal Partners research service, you will get the chance to learn how to invest with angel investors from across America (and elsewhere). You’ll get to build relationships with these folks, discuss all of the deal recommendations that come straight from our research team, and see who’s interested in investing in each deal. Remember, this is a research service unlike any other. Daymond John’s Private Deal Partners not only provides you details on top-level, venture capital deals… It also teaches you how to BECOME a successful angel investor… And that means gaining knowledge from a world of well-connected and wealthy individuals.