The two words that separate someone who has made millions – or tens of millions – backing startups from someone who’s never experienced any success are “deal flow.”

Deal flow is what separates investors who settle for Wall Street’s table scraps from those who create generational wealth for themselves and their family.

We’re talking about the angel investors who bought into Pinterest or Zoom versus the stock investors who bought at IPO day.

If you were one of the last-minute investors who bought into the stock post-IPO, you would’ve seen gains of 28% and 72%. Not bad – but also not generational wealth.

On that same day, angel investors saw rare and extraordinary gains of 583,264% and 106,127%.

That’s like turning a small stake of $5,000 into $29 million. It’s like winning the lottery, and most people never get the chance to pocket those gains in a lifetime. But that’s the sheer moneymaking power of deal flow.

That’s the generational wealth we’re talking about.

It’s also the reason you want to have a good deal flow. Those angels who cashed out on IPO day had an incredible deal flow – the best of the best.

And as a member of Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

You see, as a Private Deal Flow subscriber, you have direct access to one of the industry’s leading angel investors – Neil Patel.

Neil’s a big deal and has deal recommendations that he’ll share with you every single month.

He works closely with companies like Airbnb,, and Microsoft. And there’s a good chance that if the company is a part of the Fortune 500… he works with them too.

So when many of the executives from these companies go off and launch their own startups, they call Neil.

He’s getting the first crack at investing in these founders.

And after our independent research team takes a look at these companies, members of Neil Patel’s Private Deal Flow receive these deal recommendations on a silver platter.

These are companies that Neil’s willing to put his own money into… the deals he has skin in the game for.

Neil Will Share the Details on the Hottest Startups from His Private Deal Flow with You!

Private Deal Flow subscribers receive the first shot at learning how to take advantage of these deals – before venture capital firms can even touch them.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Or if you’d rather speak to one of our VIP Service representatives, they’re available to answer any subscription questions you may have – give them a call at 866-405-7674 (or 410-501-5875 for international calls).


The Angels & Entrepreneurs Team