Dear Startup Investor,

Neil here. At The Startup Investor, we tackle it all. Tech… healthcare… education… you name it, and we’ve probably talked about it.

But one industry I just can’t get off my mind is cannabis. At this point, the vast majority of states have legalized either medical or recreational marijuana.

The industry as a whole is expected to add $92 billion to the entire U.S. economy this year alone. And by 2026, the industry is expected to hit $97.35 billion in value.

That’s five years away… which means the startups raising in this space today are the ones that could be the cannabis industry’s rockstars just a few years down the line. So today, I want to break down one cannabis company raising right now, and give you the opportunity to learn more about it yourself.

Let’s talk about GrownbyGreen, a minority-owned cannabis business currently raising on MainVest with a $100 investment minimum.

Based in Massachusetts, this company focuses on bringing sustainability to cannabis growing. Using clean-soil methods, they plan to grow high-quality and organic cannabis products that they hope to translate into larger-scale production.

GrownbyGreen’s CEO and Founder Kaleb Green has spent the last few years working on this clean-soil method. He’s formulated soil beds that are rich in nutrients and sustained using natural compost and compost tea.

Organic cannabis growth in itself isn’t extraordinarily unique. A quick Google search brings up plenty of results about growers turning to organic method to grow their product. But what piqued my interest about GrownbyGreen is their location.

Recreational cannabis became legal in Massachusetts in December 2016. In November 2018, two dispensaries officially opened their door to sales, kicking off a new era of cannabis use and growth in the state. Today, 165 cannabis retailers and three delivery services operate in the state.

Here’s where it gets good. At the beginning of September, recreational cannabis sales in Massachusetts hit $2 billion – less than one year after the state passed the $1 billion sales milestone. That means that GrownbyGreen is in one of the country’s best markets for cannabis sales, and striking up deals with the state’s retailers will be extremely important to this company’s continued growth.

GrownbyGreen has taken on a more localized approach to sourcing deals. According to the company, the CEO plans to network by attending local events, meeting neighborhood leaders, working with community agricultural groups, and participating in private cannabis sales events.

Securing partnerships with Massachusett’s cannabis retailers could set GrownbyGreen up for a steady revenue stream. And that’s good news for investors, if it happens.

GrownbyGreen is offering a revenue sharing note at a 2.2x investment multiple – meaning they’ll owe you 2.2x the amount of money you invested, regardless of their future revenue. This company’s deal terms state that you’ll be owed that amount by July 1, 2026.

You can check out GrownbyGreen’s campaign page and do some more diligence by going here. I suggest reading through this company’s SEC filing as part of your due diligence process.

Now, the cannabis industry is one of many topics we like to unpack here at The Startup Investor. And while I have plenty of faith in the industry, I want to make sure we’re dividing our attention among a wide variety of different topics.

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