Neil here.

Our world runs on invention, and the numbers prove it.

Over 370,000 patents were granted in the United States last year alone. That’s more than a thousand a day – so I think it’s safe to say that innovation is alive and well.

But not every single new gadget will be successful.

That’s why I always search for the next big thing that’s actually going to solve a real problem… not just the world’s next fad that will die out in a few months. (And don’t get me started on some of the crazy stuff I’ve seen people try to patent…)

The past year in particular has been fertile ground for new tech that I think has the power to change life as we know it forever.

These gadgets stood out to me for three reasons:

  1. They’re all tech enabled…
  2. They’re all solving critical global problems, which is one of the key things I look for in an investment…
  3. And finally, each one was developed by an up-and-coming startup with the potential to deliver insane profits to its investors.

And while every single new invention on this list is doing incredible things, there’s one in particular that really stands out…

Because it’s not just an industry-revolutionizing gadget, it’s also a brand-new opportunity for you to share in the company’s potential success. Just keep reading to learn more.

Let’s dive in…

1. “Smart” MRIs detecting tumors that doctors miss

MRI tech is outdated. Even as medicine continues to reach new heights every single year, final MRI diagnoses are still left to the eyes of the doctor. An inaccurate reading of an MRI scan can lead to unnecessary surgeries, costly medical treatments, and ultimately, misdiagnoses.

Qlarity Imaging, founded in just 2019, aims to solve this problem. They’ve designed an AI-enabled diagnosis system that supports radiologists and challenges misdiagnoses.

And it works, too. A clinical study showed that Qlarity’s AI tech reduced missed cancers by a whopping 39%. Right now, their system is mainly in use for breast cancer screenings and patients. As it expands, there’s a real potential for this tech to save lives across the world.

2. Devices shuttling affordable internet access across the world

The world has shifted online, and global internet access is now more important than ever. But 3.8 billion people – around half the world’s population – still don’t have Internet access.

But without the internet, billions of people across the world can’t access the same education and work opportunities as those with internet access.

That’s exactly the problem that KaiOS, a Series B startup founded in 2016, wants to solve. Their operating system channels smartphone function features (like social media, WiFi, and GPS) to more affordable phones. KaiOS-enabled devices start at less than $20, and there are already 100 million devices in use around the world. In short, it’s already making a massive worldwide impact, and the company has a real shot at closing opportunity gaps between the world’s “haves” and “have-nots.”

3. “Talking glasses” making the world more accessible

An estimated 285 million people around the world face some kind of visual impairment.

But global accessibility is a major problem. From identifying faces, to reading text and information, or even picking the right currency… the world can be a challenging place for those who are visually impaired.

That’s why OrCam’s MyEye 2 really stood out to me. It’s an AI-powered device that hooks on to a person’s glasses and “talks” to the user to help them understand and identify objects easily.

OrCam was founded in 2010, and they’ve gone through multiple fundraising rounds since then. They’re still private, and they completed their most recent crowdfunding raise just two months ago. Their device has the potential to break down walls and make accessing day-to-day information easier for everyone… something that’s very easy to take for granted for many sighted people.

4. Personal tech protecting your most valuable information

It may not be the most glamorous piece of tech, but this one is definitely one of the most important: a personal server to store your personal information in a private and secure device.

It’s a completely necessary tool, too. There were over 2.5 billion account hacks in 2018 alone, amounting to around 6.85 million hacks per day, and 158 hacks per second.

But despite the danger of being online, it’s almost impossible to avoid putting some personal information out there.

That’s why I’m excited about a new gadget designed by data protection company Helm.

Helm, founded in 2016, has developed an advanced personal security device that gives its users a custom domain, as well as secure email, contact, and calendar services. The system keeps that information away from hackers and prying eyes, ultimately making the internet a safer place for its users.

Helm is still in its seed stage of funding, meaning it’s a relatively young company. But even at such an early stage, they’re revolutionizing the world of data privacy… and that’s only going to get more important as the years go on.

5. A debit ring revolutionizing the banking industry

The gadgets that really stands out to me are the ones taking full advantage of an increasingly tech enabled world. That’s why I’m so excited about this brand-new innovation

It’s a debit ring designed by one of the fastest-growing digital banks in the country.

This ring takes the place of a traditional card.

When you wear the ring and hold your hand over any contactless reader, the ring becomes your payment method… eliminating the need to carry a wallet at all.

The ring pairs with your fingerprint, so no one can use it except for you.

But here’s what makes this tech so incredible to me…

It’s entirely digital, meaning its applications are endless.

One day, this ring could be your transit card, your house key, your building access card, and even more. It’s safer, more sanitary, and it saves the stress of having to carry all your valuables with you.

On top of that, the company behind the ring could be primed for unbelievable growth.

They’re the 7th most profitable bank in New York City, and they’re on track to triple their net income in just one year.

To me, this screams an incredible profit opportunity for anyone who gets in on this company’s growth early.

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