Yesterday was a record-breaking day for retail supergiant Alibaba.

November 11th, or Singles Day, is the world’s largest 24-hour shopping event -bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

Traditionally, it was a day dedicated to single people taking pride in their independence and buying things for themselves. Today, it’s more of a free-for-all, complete with a star-studded Countdown Gala; this year, A-lister Taylor Swift rang in the holiday.

Right out of the gate, this year’s Singles Day was an absolute landslide. Alibaba clocked its first billion dollars in sales in the first 68 seconds. The retail behemoth closed the day at around $38.4 billion – a new world record for single-day sales.

Now, Alibaba is a publicly-traded company. But just like every other tech giant out there, it plays a huge role in the startup world. Not only do companies like Alibaba set benchmarks for industry success – they also invest in, and acquire, dozens of startups each year.

In fact, the Alibaba Group invests in startups quite prolifically. This year alone, the company has bought stakes in more than 20 companies so far.

One of the biggest fields they’re interested in lately? Artificial intelligence (AI). It’s basically the development of computer systems that can “learn” to do a job better and better over time.

AI is all the rage in Silicon Valley this year, with venture capitalists pouring nearly $7 billion into the space so far. Angel investors everywhere are scrambling to scoop up AI deals before the VCs get to them.

Incidentally, I’ll be hearing a pitch tomorrow from a company that’s using artificial intelligence to build fully autonomous, crime-fighting robots. You read that right: they’re building Robocop (but without the guns). These robots have already helped to prevent fires… apprehend suspects… even solve crimes.

This startup is at the cutting edge of self-driving technology, artificial intelligence, automation and more – all fields that having a huge “moment” in Silicon Valley right now.

The best part is that they’re still accepting investors… and you don’t need to be accredited to participate. You can watch this company’s pitch and even participate in this deal by clicking here.

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