For angel investors, there’s no better feeling than one of your investments reaching an exit scenario.

After strenuous due diligence and years of patience, this is the moment you realize returns on your investment – often in overwhelming multiples.

The tricky part of the equation is determining which of the startups seeking capital are best suited to reach that eventual exit.

This is precisely the exercise we here at Angels & Entrepreneurs specialize and take pride in, as filtering through the crowdfunding landscape to pick the winners is full-time work.

But it makes it all the more worthwhile when we are able to share opportunities with our subscribers that reach that destination and provide those returns.

And there are some instances where startups we feature completely blow expectations out of the water.

Rather than the 5-to-10-year exit timeline usually projected by startups, these companies find themselves on an accelerated trajectory.

And one such previously featured startup recently announced plans to go public – much to the joy of A+E subscribers who are early investors.

We’re talking about none other than Monogram Orthepedics, the medical technology startup revolutionizing joint replacement.

With the current state of these procedures – and knee replacements, specifically – using crude, archaic (and less effective) methods, the folks at Monogram decided there’s no reason to take this route in the 21st century.

Previous joint replacement methods involve grinding the bones flat and drilling holes to install and connect the metal joints, often resulting in imperfect results. In fact, up to 10% of knee-replacement and 15% of hip-replacement surgeries fail on an annual basis.

That’s why Monogram Orthopedics developed a modern solution.

By utilizing 3D imaging and robotics, the company introduced a personalized fit and removed human error from the equation.

And with these breakthroughs, the company has seen its valuation climb from $21.25 million in 2020 to $246 million today.

It’s a big reason why it is positioned so well and prepared to take this startup to the public sphere – in fact, it even has its ticker name reserved and set aside for that day.

With those valuation multiples, one has to think subscribers who invested when we first featured the startup years ago are sitting pretty and ready to cash in.

For those who missed the initial opportunity, Monogram is currently holding one final raise – its Series C – before finalizing plans for an IPO.

While the valuation can’t compare to the terms offered in 2021, there’s no saying how high this company can climb once fully mature.

To find out more about Monogram Orthopedics’ Series C campaign and invest, click here.