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There’s no denying that remote work has ushered in the next great shift in the American economy, and angel investors are uniquely positioned to take advantage of it.

I believe that long after we’ve all been vaccinated and have waved goodbye to COVID-19, we’re not going to return to “normal” in the workplace.

We’re experiencing a dramatic transformation of the American workplace that’s permeating just about sector and industry… and it has the potential to move hundreds of billions of dollars through the market over the next couple of years alone.

As an angel investor, that makes me very excited.

We’ve seen these types of transformations before. (I’m sure you can think of a couple off the top of your head.)

The rise of Amazon… Tesla’s electric vehicle… Apple’s introduction of the iPhone… Google’s search engine…

All of these events (and more) triggered massive paradigm shifts that quite literally changed the very fabric of the American economy and American life in general.

As angel investors, we’re often the very first people to ever witness these kinds of shifts.

And many times, our pockets can reap the rewards of supporting them right from the very beginning.

But this shift is a whole lot different than anything we’ve ever seen before. It has nothing to do with shiny vehicles, fancy new gadgets, or any type of new consumer tech.

Instead, it has to do with the rapid shift of the American workforce from brick-and-mortar offices to virtual workspaces.

And companies across the country are realizing that working from home is no longer just a temporary thing. It’s the new status quo.

Now, remote work isn’t an entirely new idea.

Before COVID, around 43% of American workers already spent at least some time working outside of a traditional office. And as of 2019, around 35% of American workers were freelancing.

In the startup investing world, venture capital has been flowing into this space for a few years already.

Over the last three years alone, over $35 billion in venture capital has been invested globally in startups designed for collaborative and distributed workspaces.

And many of the companies we’ve come to know and love in 2020 went through extremely successful private funding rounds before tackling the public markets themselves.

Most notably, Slack (NYSE: WORK) raised almost $430 million in a Series H round in 2018, a few months before their April 2019 IPO. Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) raised around $115 million in a Series D round in 2017, a couple of years before going public in 2019.

In essence, remote work has been a burgeoning trend for a while now.

But COVID has accelerated the remote work trend by three, four, or maybe even 10 years.

Some of the world’s most powerful companies – like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter – have already told their employees that many of them can work from home “forever,” if they wish.

I expect dozens of other companies to follow suit.

This type of massive upheaval is fascinating to me. As angel investors, it’s important that we stay on top of the latest and greatest market shifts… and this one is certainly unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

I’m positive that it’s bringing with it the greatest buying opportunity you may ever witness in the startup world.

I’d imagine that we’re about to see a massive uptick in the number of startups designed specifically for a virtual workforce. The amount of venture capital dollars moving through that sector alone is about to skyrocket.

Over at the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, we’ve been focused on this trend for a little while now. Several of the deal recommendations we’ve featured have centered right on the theme of remote collaboration and connectivity.

One company, for example, developed an app that lets kids and their family members connect and play games together virtually… even when they’re not in the same location.

Another company designed an app-based tutoring system that’s helping improve student outcomes outside of the classroom.

The need for these types of companies isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and we’re going to keep focusing on finding the very best startups that fit the bill in this sector.

In fact, this work from home phenomenon is certain to bring us some promising startups in 2021.

While we wait for the next biggest startup to come along in this sector, there are plenty of opportunities to score on massive capital shifts in the public markets, as well.

In fact, my colleague Shah Gilani has pinpointed $353 billion starting to make its way through five specific tech companies as we speak.

These are the companies that will define the next generation of the American workforce… and I’m not talking about your typical Zoom or Slack.

These are emerging companies in the virtual workforce space with the potential for a $353 billion valuation explosion over just the next 18 months.

And today, Shah is going to show you exactly why you should have these stocks on your radar right now. He’s giving a stock-by-stock breakdown and showing you exactly what strategies you need to know to play each and every one of them.

If there’s a guy to trust for stock market strategies, it’s Shah. So, make sure you take advantage of his incredible knowledge and get all the information you need right now.

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