Neil here, with exciting news.

We just beat Wall Street again.

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a new proposal that could massively increase the amount of exit opportunities available to angel investors over the next few years.

This is one of 2020’s most exciting new developments from the SEC, and it’s going to define a brand-new era of how companies choose to go public.

Coming into 2021, it’s important that you know exactly what to expect from this new ruling.

Here’s what went down…

Welcome to The Era of Direct Listings

Last week, the SEC approved a proposal by the New York Stock Exchange to allow private companies to go public via a direct listing, rather than a traditional IPO.

I talked about this in brief detail in yesterday’s issue… but I want to dive deeper today.

In a direct listing, a company does not create new shares. Rather, they sell existing shares without the need for any underwriters.

Direct listings are usually cheaper and faster for companies looking to hit the public markets. This year, Palantir and Asana (two of 2020’s most anticipated public offerings) chose to go public via a direct listing. And other companies, like Spotify and Slack, have done the same in the past.

I’m anticipating a massive influx of companies hurtling toward a public offering this year, whether it’s through a direct listing, a SPAC, or a traditional IPO. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2021 breaks records for the number of new companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

But overall, this new proposal further encourages innovation for startup companies, and democratizes investing for everyday folks like you.

Direct Listings Are Valuable for Angel Investors

With direct listings added to the mix of how companies can choose to enter the public markets, opportunities for massive returns could increase tenfold for angel investors.

Now, I don’t think traditional IPOs will become completely obsolete anytime soon. Many of the world’s top private companies will likely still pursue the usual IPO route when and if they choose to go public, and angel investors can still make a fortune from them.

But with even more exit options (we’ve also seen the rise of the SPAC this year), there will be even more opportunities for angel investors to cash in bigtime on their portfolio companies in the coming years.

And that just adds to the value of investing in the earliest stages of a company… exactly what we’re all about here.

Right now, one of the best opportunities I’ve seen this year is planning to go public within the next four months.

It’s a cannabis venture called Gage Cannabis Co., and the man at the helm – Bruce Linton – is one of the industry’s biggest superstars.

It’s valued at $300 million right now. By the time they reach their anticipated IPO date, they could be worth at least $1 billion.

Seeing how to get into this deal recommendation now is your best shot at potentially bagging an unreal return in one of 2020’s hottest industries. (In his last venture, Bruce Linton turned at least 200 people into millionaires over seven years when they invested.)

But you’ll have to hurry… this funding round could be closing any minute.

Just click here for all the details in this deal analysis meeting from my friends at Cannabis Venture Syndicate.

That’s all from me for today.

Tomorrow, you’ll hear from one of our newest Advisory Board members. He has a whole lot of experience in the startup biz, and I’m excited for you to read what he has to say.

So with that… have a safe and fantastic New Year. I’ll talk to you on Saturday.

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