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Last week was full of major headlines.

From the GameStop squeeze to the latest SPAC mergers, there’s certainly been a lot to discuss. Before we kick off a brand-new week, however, let’s chat about the man behind one of the week’s most surprising stories of all: Jeff Bezos.
GameStop Was Just the Beginning

A trading revolution is officially underway. The events over the past several weeks sent hedge funds running scared as they lost billions of dollars in a matter of days at the hands of a group of retail traders. Those ordinary folks have made a killing by utilizing the unprecedented profit power of the market’s hottest trade – the “Super Squeeze.” But GameStop wasn’t the only opportunity with that kind of potential. One trading expert reveals the full story right here.

On Tuesday, Bezos announced he will officially step down from his role as CEO and transition to the role of executive chair in Q3 2021. Andy Jassy, who has led Amazon Web Services since its founding in 2006, will replace Bezos as CEO.

Bezos’ announcement came as a huge surprise during Amazon’s quarterly earnings report. He built the company from the ground up, starting as an online bookstore in 1995 and growing to a multibillion-dollar ecommerce empire.

But Bezos was one of just a few original founders still in charge of their Big Tech companies. Many, like Microsoft’s Bill Gates, have since moved on to work on other initiatives.

That’s exactly what Bezos plans to do.

As executive chair, Bezos will still have a hand in some of Amazon’s most important business decisions. However, the role will give him more freedom to pursue other initiatives that he’s been working on for quite some time.

One of those initiatives in particular is great news for the startup world.

Last summer, Bezos launched a $2 billion venture capital fund to invest in startups creating clean-energy technology to address the global climate crisis.

In September, Bezos announced the first five recipients of the fund, with investments ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. One of the companies selected was Redwood Materials, founded by former Tesla exec JB Straubel.

We’ve been following this initiative for a while. It was one of the summer’s most important headlines, and back then, we used the news to discuss just how much opportunity exists for startups in this space.

Now that Bezos is stepping down and turning his efforts back to longer-term initiatives, opportunities for climate-conscious startups are about to explode. Amazon has expressed that the fund is not limited to just $2 billion and could keep growing.

Of course, not everyone has Bezos-level cash to invest in these kinds of startups. But Bezos dedicating so much time and capital to his Climate Fund validates just how important and potentially lucrative this space is.

At Angels & Entrepreneurs, we’ve had our finger on the pulse of clean energy tech for months.

We recently recommended a deal that completely maxed out its raise in less than three weeks since it went live on the site. This company has received over $3 million in government funding to develop a one-of-a-kind renewable crude oil.

Another one of our climate-focused deal recommendations uses community solar projects to bring clean energy to the 77% of homes that currently can’t access it.

I expect to see plenty of incredible opportunities in this space pass through our doors in 2021.

As always, we’ll have our ears to the ground to find the best ones.

I truly believe this is only the beginning of the momentum climate-focused startups will see.

But it’s not the only market mover I’m eyeing right now.

The other revolves around another major headline from last week: the GameStop short squeeze. To me, the most interesting part of that entire event was the power of ordinary folks who banded together to create a trading revolution.

Regular retail investors are now turning the tables getting rich using one of the biggest hedge fund plays in the book. Now that they’ve flexed that muscle, events like this will likely keep happening for a long time.

In fact, there are dozens of other trading opportunities out there that could have the same setup as GameStop. One of the country’s top trading experts is breaking down one of these opportunities on Monday.

This trade recommendation has the same DNA as the GameStop trade, and today’s your chance to learn how to play it.

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