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Now that we’re quickly moving past the one-year milestone of working at home, we’re gaining some foresight to what the COVID-19 saga will hold for workers – and investors – as people return to their workplaces in the near future.

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I predict that office buildings and workspaces will begin to open up their capacities by September this year. But our memories of the modern, pre-pandemic office are a relic. Gone are the days of close-quarters seating and shared devices. How and where we work is going to look much different thanks, in part, to emerging tech companies that are working to make offices safer and more efficient in a world after COVID.

We’ve already seen a few great tech startups come out of the pandemic. Worksphere, a Seattle startup focused on the safest way to return to work, is a management platform that allows businesses to track everything from employee contact tracing to distanced seating arrangements. is another startup that’s helping entrepreneurs launch businesses in the U.S. from anywhere in the world… all from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual collaboration tools soared on the market in 2020, too. Platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Dropbox had significant gains as momentum for team communication and cloud storage sharing grew throughout the year.

These are the obvious names that come to mind when we think about tech companies that have defined this massive ongoing paradigm shift. But the potential for office tech startups to boom this year is too high for you to miss getting in on them early. Here are some of the types of tech you should be keeping an eye on in the next few months…

Cloud-based storage and data sharing software have been the saving grace of remote work. Now, with more companies taking on flexible and hybrid office schedules, it’s going to be more important than ever to be able to access everything from anywhere. The toughest competitors in this market right now are focused on simplifying the back-up process, making sure businesses have a reliable system for storing their data long term.

Speaking of digitizing documents, process automation is making its way into the everyday workplace… and it’s going to be huge. These software startups are streamlining the tedious processes that can take humans a couple hours, or even a full day, to do.

Think about it: virtual assistants, capable of language processing and data filing, are going to be in high demand with less manpower to waste in the office. If you’re looking for a single type of tech to boost your portfolio this year, this could be your gateway to incredible gains.

One of the best things about these startups is that new technologies need one another to succeed. For example, once companies have digitized their operations, they’re going to need more options for keeping them safe. This is where security software startups enter the ring.

Remote working has made it a requirement for businesses to allow more access to networks and data that were once kept under tight wraps. This means that they’re searching for ways to keep their files as protected as possible. The demand has never been higher for cybersecurity products, and startups in this space collectively raised over $10 billion in funding in 2020.

And it doesn’t stop there. More products like touchless technology and distance sensors have business’ heads turning as they search for better ways to keep their employees healthy upon their return to the office. We’re even observing a bigger market for AI cleaning services this year.

Just to be clear though… the workforce is not leaving remote work behind in the near future. Many companies are not ready to mandate an official return-to-office date any time soon. So while new tech is making our lives easier in the physical office, online meeting platforms and collaboration tools will still continue to emerge and evolve as startups find new ways to streamline business communications.

Now that we know remote work is here to stay, a massive data upgrade is at the top of the world’s “to do” list. Thankfully, we’re heading into the next generation of 5G… and not a moment too soon.

We’re on the verge of a data reboot that goes beyond just updating tech and running faster internet. That means if you missed your shot at major 5G players like Verizon and AT&T, it’s not too late to profit.

I’m talking about smaller companies that are thinking into the future of 5G… where it is, where it needs to be, and how to get it there. And I predict it’s going to support just about every single industry out there.

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