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As the ongoing GameStop and Robinhood debacle continues to dominate the headlines, there’s one startup company making massive waves in the background.

I’m talking about Coinbase, which is expected to hold one of the year’s most anticipated direct listings. It’s expected to hit the Nasdaq in late February or early March. If and when it does, it will add an entirely new level of credibility to the crypto space… and it could create a crypto buying opportunity unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Coinbase is the bedrock of the crypto exchange market. It’s the largest crypto exchange in the world, and it supports popular currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum (and yes, even Dogecoin).

As of its last publicly disclosed valuation in 2018, the company was worth around $8 billion. However, given the cryptocurrency market’s extreme growth since then, some predict the company could be worth as much as $75 billion today.

More recent predictions by Coinbase investors suggest that the company could reach a $100 billion valuation by the time it goes public via a direct listing.

Investors across the country are buzzing about Coinbase’s direct listing, and for good reason. But the anticipated Coinbase direct listing is one part of an even bigger picture.

With even more high-profile names and massive corporations throwing support behind it, the entire cryptocurrency industry is well-positioned for adoption and growth unlike anything it’s seen before.

Let’s talk about Bitcoin, for example.

Since its founding, the coin has slowly built up its trust with more companies that now consider it a viable form of currency. I’m talking about anything from PayPal (founded by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk) to traditional banking establishments like Goldman Sachs.

It has become an institution in the crypto space, and it shows. Bitcoin saw over 22.3 million unique addresses using it just last month… the highest monthly number of addresses it’s seen in its entire history.

Experts are predicting that as more corporations buy into the coin, its valuation could skyrocket dramatically. In fact, a report from ARK Invest predicts that if S&P 500 companies convert just 1% of their cash reserves into BTC, it could push Bitcoin prices up by around $40,000.

If those corporations converted between 2.5% and 6.5% into BTC, it could push that price up by $200,000 to $500,000.

Those are mind-boggling numbers, but I don’t think they’re far-fetched. Even some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley have high hopes that Bitcoin will continue to succeed.

Elon Musk, for example, predicted that Bitcoin is “on the very of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance people.” Interestingly enough, the price of BTC spiked by around 20% after Musk simply put the hashtag “#bitcoin” in his Twitter bio.

I agree with Elon, and I have for a while. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we’ve been hot on the Bitcoin trail for quite some time.

My colleague Tom Gentile has already predicted that the price of one Bitcoin could hit $50,000 by the end of 2021… and $500,000 by just 2030.

Tom’s predictions line up nicely with the latest ARK Invest report, and I’m not surprised. Tom has had a 95%-win rate in the crypto trading space since December 2019.

Ask Tom what cryptos you should consider investing in, however, and he likely won’t say Bitcoin first. That’s because there are at least 2,000 other cryptocurrencies out there… and many of them smaller, cheaper, and have a profit potential as much as 20X greater than BTC.

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