There are few things as exciting as technological innovation.

Of course, there’s certainly no shortage.

Moore’s Law states that every two years, the speed and capabilities of computers increase and the cost decreases.

With these developments, doors are opened for entrepreneurs, and seemingly every few years we are introduced to a new, exciting technological device.

Startups are often front and center in these developments, and we’ve seen many an early-stage company earn the status of household name.

Well, one of the most prominent showcases of technological development occurs annually at the Consumer Electronics Show, where the most prominent names in technology convene in Las Vegas to showcase new technologies.

The most prominent names in technology convene in Las Vegas to showcase new technologies.

Sony and Honda are showing their Afeela electric car for the first time.

Samsung is unveiling the next generation of foldable screens.

Alienware is highlighting four new gaming laptops.

LG is revealing a refrigerator replete with LED lights and Bluetooth capabilities that turns your kitchen into a social hub.

But there are also a horde of startups – many of which received funding from those aforementioned prominent tech companies – on display as well.

For example, a startup by the name of Displace TV is showcasing a 20-pound, 55-inch television that is completely wireless and can be stuck to the wall using suction cups.

Meanwhile, there are three separate startups previously funded by Amazon on display at CES.

Orbital Systems, a Swedish startup, plans to demo its smart shower technology that claims to drastically reduce water usage and improve the experience.

Cognixion developed AI-based technology that helps those with speech disabilities and cognitive impairments to more effectively communicate.

Labrador Systems is highlighting its self-driving, assistive robot designed to provide in-home elderly assistance.

There are ten different startups at CES this year that were a part of Hyundai’s ZER01NE Creative Platform, which aims to connect early-stage companies with the car manufacturer and explore strategic use cases of the technologies.

And these are just a small smattering of the more than 2,200 exhibitors currently setting up shop in Las Vegas looking to introduce their own innovation to the more than 100,000 attendees.

As events of this type help shine light on these developments, the startups behind them receive increased exposure and open new doors to potential investment.

And we get a glimpse at the future of these tech-driven industries and a bit of a heads up as to the new features that will move everything forward.

Suffice to say, for angel investors, that insider information is extremely valuable.

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