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We’re approaching the end of Cybersecurity Awareness Month – and its message has never been as critical as it is today.

Let this sink in: In 2021, data breaches cost U.S.-based companies $4.24 million on average per incident. That’s not chump change – especially when you consider the fact that we’ve faced over 1,300 breaches in the United States so far this year.

Data breaches can also tarnish a company’s reputation, drive away investors, cause its employees to resign in droves, and create countless other headaches.

The cybersecurity crisis has, believe it or not, even brought Democrats and Republicans together. Politicians on both sides of the aisle agree cybersecurity is a top priority that needs to be addressed. Members of Congress have introduced a wide range of legislative proposals, including the National Defense Authorization Act, to fight ransomware crimes and prevent major hacks by groups and governments across the globe.

Trillions of dollars will pour into this space in the next few years – and that means there’s an opportunity to profit.

We’ve identified one startup at the heart of it all. But before we talk about the company, let’s cover some basics about the greater market.

What are cyberattacks and how can they affect you?

Most people associate cyberattacks with massive corporations and governments. But they affect people like you and me, too. And we’re at a much greater digital risk in the post-COVID world because we’re more reliant than ever on remote workplace technology.

Here’s how it works. If a cybercriminal gains access to your personally identifiable information (PII) – like your driver’s license number, financial records, or social security number – they’ll sell it to underground digital marketplaces at your expense.

From there, well, things can get ugly. Identity theft, extortion attempts, loss of crucial files, and many other unpleasantries can result from cyberattacks.

And those impacts can follow you for years – even decades. Victims of identity theft often take massive hits to their credit scores. Some even have to file for bankruptcy to survive the attack.

Clearly, this is a massive problem… and it’s one that a startup called Cybolt aims to solve.

Cybolt’s History & Mission

Cybolt is an IT security services provider that helps companies manage their digital risk. Officially founded in 2019, Cybolt came together after seven of Mexico’s top cybersecurity companies merged into a single superpower. Founder Mauricio Rioseco has been handling mergers and acquisitions for over two decades.

The company’s mission is simple: to prepare its clients to prevent and face cyberattacks and other threats… before, during, and after issues arise.

Cybolt does this by offering a complete array of digital risk management solutions, services, hardware, software, and other tools for maximum safety. It’s what’s known as an “end-to-end” provider – essentially a one-stop shop for everything a client could need.

Essentially, if you want to protect your network from viruses and hackers, you want Cybolt.

Cybolt’s Competitive Advantage

In just over two years, Cybolt has assembled a team of more than 100 top-flight cybersecurity professionals with over 200 certifications to their names.

Thanks to its brilliant staff and leadership, Cybolt has already gained over 40 technology partners, including enormous names like IBM, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Veritas.

The company has over 200 paying customers and has earned nearly a dozen awards and accolades. Here’s what makes it such a beast in its industry: Despite having one of the most impressive teams in the biz – and one of the most comprehensive product lines – Cybolt is able to offer competitive pricing.

This is because, even as it enters U.S. and European markets, all of its core operations will continue in Mexico, which keeps their overhead costs low. Basically, Cybolt is the best at what it does, and it’s more affordable than its competitors.

What Makes Cybolt Today’s Best Value Play

Let’s talk numbers for a second. Last year, cybersecurity companies bagged record-breaking valuations at an average revenue multiple of ~9X.

In 2020 alone, Cybolt brought in over $25 million in revenue. By standard multiples, then, the company should be valued at about $225 million. And yet its pre-money valuation is just $143 million today – making this a massively high-value play.

Let’s tease that out a little further. According to the company, they’re on track to rake in a stunning $51 million this year – which would give Cybolt an industry-standard valuation of $459 million by the end of 2021. That’s a 220% leap – and it’s the kind of valuation growth you wouldn’t want to miss.

In short, we believe Cybolt is undervalued… but we don’t think it’ll stay that way for long.

More than $14 billion in funding has poured into this space so far this year – and we’re well on track to double last year’s record-breaking total of $7.8 million.

Cybersecurity is heating up – which means the time to make a strategic move is right now.

And for just $100, you can claim your stake in a startup we believe will be leading their industry a few years from now.

Just click here to learn all about Cybolt.

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