Neil here.

Earlier this week, online payment behemoth PayPal officially confirmed they’re working on bringing microcurrency capabilities directly to their virtual platform.

Even though the news only broke recently, it came straight from a letter written from PayPal to the European Commission back in March. The letter details PayPal’s plans to develop their microcurrency capabilities on a wide scale, with the goal of advancing and democratizing financial services for all.

This is a big deal. Here’s why:

The European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union, tasked with implementing decisions and proposing legislation for the entire political body.

If PayPal can integrate microcurrency solutions into the economic fabric of almost an entire continent, there’s really no telling how much they’ll achieve down the line.

Now, PayPal went public in 2002, so it’s been a little while since the company has been a true member of the startup world. Right now, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay.

But the company’s long history has paved the way for other, more recent players in the fintech playing field, like Venmo and Cash App.

Not to mention that the company secured a permanent spot in Silicon Valley for PayPal’s founders, Peter Thiel and Elon Musk, who’ve both become big tech legends.

All that to say, PayPal is a pioneer in the fintech space, and that’s why I’m so on board with this news.

If PayPal can weave microcurrencies into one of the biggest government bodies in the world, I think that speaks volumes for their potential to make financial success a reality for many more people.

And folks who want a piece of the investment action would be hard-pressed to find something as easy to use as microcurrencies.

The microcurrency market isn’t exclusive to only the trading floor’s biggest superstars. In fact, they hardly require any special skills or any late-night trades to take a stab at making some quick profits.

In essence, developments in this space not only have the potential to completely democratize the global economy for billions of people, they could also create a whole new generation of millionaires in the blink of an eye.

And if PayPal’s news is any indication, I believe we’re on track to see microcurrencies take over the world in ways we never thought possible before.

That’s why I had to share this with you right now.

Because right here in the United States, there’s a major microcurrency opportunity knocking on our doors as we speak. It’s an opportunity that analysts predict could be the “largest economic shift in society,” and it could come our way by just July 30th.

This event has the potential to inject billions of dollars into the microcurrency market, virtually overnight… meaning that demand for these currencies could rocket to unprecedented levels.

But July 30th is just over one week away. If you sit on this for too long, you’ll miss out on a one-of-a-kind shot to participate in what could be one of the greatest economic revolutions we’ve ever seen.

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